I suppose the most important thing to start my blog is to introduce who I am! I’m Naomi, 26 and live in Maidstone Kent. I’m engaged to my handsome fiancé Babs and together we have our gorgeous daughter Lola. My blog posts will be based on our life as a family so that we have something to look back on as well as to show Lola as she grows older.  Something I’ve learnt since being a Mummy is that parenthood is never easy and I know throughout my pregnancy as well as since Lola was born I’ve relied on blogs and vlogs for ideas and other people’s opinions on bringing up children. I would like to now provide the additional support to others! I’m no expert and without a doubt there will be things that I do as a Mum that others do not agree with but that’s the way things are! If anybody has any questions or anything then please feel free to just message me and I will get back to you as soon as possible!


Naomi xx

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