I have previously posted about how much of a water baby Lola is, so when the opportunity arose for us to go along for a water confidence swimming lesson it was something that we had to go for! We regularly swim with Lola but I felt that it was important to know we are doing the right things with her as well as finding out more about what we can do with her.

The Glass Mill Centre is run by Fusion Lifestyle  I could not believe how spotless everywhere was including the car park! There is parking next to the centre which is a minimum of £2 payment for 2 hours. There is a huge amount to do at the centre not just swimming including a gym, climbing wall, therapy rooms and a cafe. We were invited along with Clarissa from KK Moo and Monkey 2 and Elizabeth from Wander Mum

The one thing I hate about swimming and I think it’s the same for most people is the changing rooms. There is nothing worse than walking into the changing rooms and having to take your shoes off when there is dirt, hair and wet floors. At the Glass Mill Centre you have to take your shoes off as soon as you enter the area with the changing rooms but the best thing about it is that there is under floor heating! I honestly say how fantastic this was! I loved it! There are a number of changing rooms including ones with individual cubicles and communal changing. The lockers are a fantastic size which is always an added bonus especially being with a baby with various bags.

Our swimming session was taken by an instructor Roxanne, Roxanne was lovely and made sure to interact a lot with Lola and the other two children there. We had a lot of fun singing songs which need the children to splash or be bounced in the water. They were all songs that we would usually sing however some had a bit of a twist to them! We had Old Macdonald with his fish, swans and frogs, as well as other well know songs Humpty Dumpty and The Grand Old Duke of York.  Lola loved when we had to throw a small ball and toy and encourage them to paddle their arms and kick their legs. This is an activity that we regularly do whilst swimming so Lola knew what she was doing but also it reassured me that we were doing everything right!


Something I had always been wary about was dunking Lola under water. She doesn’t mind at all when being splashed and her face being covered in water but I just felt her being underwater was something totally different. Well Roxanne informed us that next the children would be going underwater. Thankfully Lola went first (otherwise I think I would have been even more worried!) but I really did not need to worry at all. It didn’t even phase her going underwater. Later on in the lesson she swam underwater again and she again was not phased at all. Roxanne was a fantastic teacher and Lola certainly liked her! I wish we lived a little bit closer as we would certainly return for lessons with her.




Fusion Swim School was established in 200 and is a registered charity with the aim to make sport and leisure facilities affordable and accessible to all. Fusion always works in partnership with local authorities  and other public sector organisations to deliver choice and value for customers.  They have over 85 sport and leisure facilities across the UK. I highly recommend booking in for water confidence lessons to gain children’s confidence in the water.



Naomi xx

*Disclosure. We attended the lesson free of charge in exchange for a honest review.

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  1. It was such a great lesson, wasn’t it! We had lots of fun – a great way to interact with your child and build their confidence in the water. It helped that the leisure centre was very impressive too. It was wonderful to meet you and Lola. Xx

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