I was gifted a massage in exchange for this review for The Massage Company.

When I was first approached by the Massage Company I had just had my gall bladder operation! I was so desperate for a massage immediately but it was something I knew I had to arrange for a future date. The decision was made for it to be 8 weeks after my operation so that I knew I would be mostly/fully recovered.

The Massage Company

I had heard about the The Massage Company name before but not very much about them. The Massage Company opened their first branch Camberly in March 2016. They are extremely different to other places that you would go to for a massage which makes them so unique. With a number of membership options or just going in for a one off massage you will always receive a fantastic and relaxing service.

The Massage Company


There are 4 different massages available to book as well as top ups that you can add on. The massages are Full Body Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Maternity Massage and a Deep Tissue Massage. The top ups are Hot Stones, Scalp Massage, Fantastic Foot Treatment and Armotherapy. I love that you can have a different massage on each visit or you could have your favourite massage with a different top up.

My Massage

I had a massage at the Tunbridge Wells branch who will soon be celebrating their 1st birthday. Previously, I had walked past a number of times but never realised just how big it is inside and with plenty of treatment rooms. When I first arrived I was given a medical and information form to fill in. You can highlight any areas that you think need work during your massage, inform them of any areas that are tender and any other queries that you have.

Once in the treatment room your masseuse goes through the form with you to ensure everything is covered. I had chosen to have a Full Body Swedish Massage and Hot Stones top up. Honestly, it was something I certainly needed! The masseuse was really lovely and very understanding. Throughout the massage she asked a couple of times if I was ok. At the end of the treatment your masseuse gives you advice on how often you should have a massage and any areas that could use with some further work.

The Tunbridge Wells Massage Company Shop Front


There is currently a voucher on their website for your first massage! It is £39.95 if you join as a member (price correct at time of publishing). Membership starts from £49.95 for a monthly massage or for a one off massage and not to join as a member it is £79.95. To find further information the follow this link to their website

The Massage Company Price List

Naomi xx

*I was gifted a massage experience in exchange for this post*

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