Without a doubt Julia Donaldson is one of our family favourite Children’s authors. I’m certain that every household has at least one Julia Donaldson book especially The Gruffalo! We were so excited to hear that the latest Julia Donaldson book to be adapted to stage was Room on the Broom by the Tall Stories Company

Room on the Broom

The story of Room on the Broom follows a very friendly witch who helps friends along the way on the journey to face a terrifying dragon. Her friends including a cat, a dog and a frog as well as a bird. They all manage to make room on her broom until disaster strikes when it snaps in two. Snapping in two in front of the terrifying dragon! The show continues following what happens after it snaps!

The Witch and cat with puppet dog, frog and bird watching over a cauldron

Tall Stories Company

Room on the Broom is not the first Julia Donaldson story that Tall Stories Company have adapted onto stage. They have previously produced The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo’s Child and The Snail and the Whale. They founded in 1997 by Olivia Jacobs and Toby Mitchell and are celebrating their 21st Birthday this year. Room on the Broom is directed by Olivia Jacobs with Toby Mitchell as the Creative Producer

The Show

Lasting an hour with no interval is the perfect length for young theatre goers especially if it is their first visit! It has plenty of singing and audience participation throughout!

The show is currenly touring around the UK. It is at The Orchard Theatre on Monday 25th March and Tuesday 26th March before it then moves on to carry on touring around the rest of the UK until the beginning of May. To book tickets for the rest if the tour click here

Naomi xx

*We have been gifted tickets to see the show in exchange for a preview post on the show.

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