Lola was so excited when we were recently sent a Rainbocorns Series 2. The first series was such a huge hit worldwide that it was envitable that Series 2 would come along soon!


There are 13 different characters to collect with the new Rainbocorn’s. Each of the Rainbocorn’s are under the themes of different animals. These include Pandacorns, Llamacorns, Unicorns, Lioncorns, Flamingocorns and Owlcorns. Also there is a super exciting rare Golden Flamingocorn to collect! We weren’t lucky enough to get that but Lola absolutely loves hers! Lola’s is a Llamacorn called Chico!


Series 2 Rainbocorn’s come with an exciting 10 layers of surprises! A reversable sequined belly that when you run your hands over it then it changes picture. It also unclips off the Rainbocorns belly so you can share it around with friends! Lola loved that her Rainbocorn revealed a guitar underneath.

Surprises also include Rainbocorn poop, stickers and Rainbocorn accessories! Lola was super excited that in her surprise bag was a bracelet! All of the Rainbocorn’s also come with a baby Boo Boo-Corn character there are over 40 different characters to collect! Excitingly when you put the baby Boo Boo-Corn in water it changes colour! Somehow Lola’s Rainbocorn poop ended up in Laide’s hair!

Rainbocorns Series 2 Sparkly Hearts

In addition to the bigger Rainbocorn there is a smaller Sparkly Hearts. It retails at £9.99. They are equally as super exciting coming with Rainbocorn Poop, a baby Boo Boo-corn. Sparkly Hearts all have a sticker over their belly and once revealed it shows something they love!

Rainbocorn Series 2 with Rainbocorn Series 2 Sparkly Heart

Where to buy

Rainbocorns Series 2 retail at £24.99 and are available from July. You can buy them from Smyths Toys, Argos, Asda, B&M, The Entertainer and Tesco . They are suitable for ages 3 upwards.

Naomi xx

*We were gifted a Rainbocorns Series 2 and Rainbocorns Sparkly Hearts Series 2 in exchage for this review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced.

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  1. How did you get it out of her hair? My LO just put it on her face and now its in her hair 🙁

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