Nothing But healthy snacks are exactly that. Nothing but what is says on the packet. They are freeze dried fruit and vegetables that have had the water taken out of them. There is no baking, frying or cooking involved what so ever. They currently stock 6 different flavours; 3 fruit and 3 vegetables. Each bag contains one of your 5 a day so this is an added bonus!

Lola first tried the Mange Tout and Peppers. They were brilliant because they were long pieces that she was able to hold on to but also some of the smaller pieces she was able to use her nearly learnt pincer grip to pick them up! Obviously because they are freeze dried they are crispy so do break but she loved them! It was the first time she had ever had mange tout and she couldn’t get enough.

Personally I’m more of a fruit person than vegetable and I loved the fruit ones especially the Pineapple and Grape! I’ve not tried it yet but I know others have crumbled up some of the fruit ones and put them on top of cakes and in cake mixes so I’m certainly going to try this! Lola had some plain greek yogurt with some of the Strawberry and Banana pieces in and she certainly enjoyed that!

They are fantastic because they are easy to keep in the changing bag and they really aren’t as messy as other snacks.  It’s all good to know that Lola is getting one of her 5 a day when having a pack. We normally open a pack in the morning and it will last the whole day.

Although I was sent these in exchange for an honest review we will certainly be buying them again in the future. Especially the fruit ones that I love and the Mange Tout and Peppers for Lola! You can buy them from most health shops such as Holland and Barrett as well as Lloyds Pharmacy’s. I’m sure as they become more well known that there will start being sold elsewhere as well. For any more information the website is

Naomi xx

*We were sent these in exchange for an honest review. Everything in this post is my own opinion

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