Lola’s favourite part of the evening without a doubt is having a bath! Every evening without fail (unless we are out!) she will have a bath. As soon as she gets in she starts looking through her duck bath book that her Auntie Chloe bought her. She then spends the next 15 minutes just splashing either me or her Daddy. This is obviously the funniest thing in the world (to Lola) and causes endless amounts of laughter.

There are so many different baby bath soaps and each and every one declares themselves as “the best”. We have recently started using InfaCare Night-time Baby Bath Ultra Mild. I can honestly say that this is “our best”. We certainly won’t be using anything else now.

Up to 70% of parents declare the Night-time Baby bath as ‘ideal’ for bedtime routine. We love InfaCare because you only have to put tiniest amount in and you get a crazy amount of bubbles. They don’t just disappear after a few minutes they stay in the bath until the very end. Lola has started to really enjoy playing with the bubbles by blowing them, and also by one of us holding our hand up and the bubbles dropping back in the bath.


InfaCare also smells beautiful! Out of all the baby products out there nothing compares to InfaCare. Although we were sent this for a review we have since bought another bottle and can see us buying more in the future. InfaCare retails at £3.49 for a 750ml bottle and is available at most major supermarkets. For any further information make sure and check out the InfaCare website


Naomi xx

Disclosure – We have been sent a bottle of InfaCare to review. All the opinions are my own and how not been influenced in any way at all. 

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