Best Toy Ever!

If only my review could contain just those 3 words! We were sent the Little Tikes Light ‘N’ Go Activity Treehouse and since it arrived Lola has not stopped playing with it! I honestly think that we could get rid of all of Lola’s toys and she wouldn’t notice as long as we kept that!

The age of it is 6 months- 3 years and I honestly believe it is one of those toys that Lola will not get bored with. There are so many skills that she has learnt through playing with it. I honestly can’t believe how much Lola has learnt.

The treehouse can be set up in a square or in a line. We found initially that the square shape was better for us because we didn’t have much room. However, since then it wraps perfectly well around our new storage unit!

Each corner of the Treehouse has a different activity. Lola loves the Magic Lantern as it has 3 different functions; Catching Fireflies, Jungle Boogie and Colours. As soon as she presses the Jungle Boogie button she starts to bob up and down dancing! There is a little gate that opens which has a doorbell and that’s another of Lola’s favourites pressing the doorbell.


One of the sides of the entrance is a Shape Sorted where you post each shape through and it lands in the letter box. Lola has learnt that you can push things through. This is now her favourite place to post through pieces of apple….. Not quite what it is intended for but it is certainly a skill she has learnt.

I did attempt to put all the pieces together by myself however soon learnt this was not a good idea. Lola tried to get involved with every tiny piece! It was a much better idea to wait for Babs to be home to put it together! At least then I was able to keep Lola occupied.


It is slightly on the pricey side of toys retailing at £89.99. However, in my opinion it is worth every penny. It was worth searching a couple of toy shops as they have been offer quite a bit recently.


Naomi xx

Disclosure – We were sent the Little Tikes Light ‘n’ Go Activity Garden Treehouse to review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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