Anybody with a child who watches YouTube will know what Little Baby Bum is! It is one of the most popular and subscribed educational channels on YouTube. It has over 15 million subscribers and has had over 16 billion views on the videos! Lola watches YouTube on our phones or on TV so we quickly learnt a lot about the channel!

Little Baby Bum Live

Every child’s dream come true, it has become a touring show that is currently travelling around the UK. The show Little Baby Bum Live features all the best well known nursery rhymes that the whole family will know and can join in with! Throughout the show everybody is encouraged to stand up and join in with each song. It features Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (Lola’s current favourite!), Old MacDonald, Twinkle Twinkle and all the Little Baby Bum favourites. Lola was moaning to Daddy each time he wasn’t singing or joining in! He certainly didn’t have a choice!

Throughout the show we meet each character from the YouTube videos. They are building up to the excitement of a parade at the end of the show. The main character Mia struggles to find a song but is soon inspired by all the Little Baby Bum characters with new songs.

Where to see it?

The show is currently touring the UK. It will be at The Orchard Theatre from 28th September until 30th September with a number of performances each day. To see where after visit Little Baby Bum Live


Naomi xx

*We were gifted tickets to the show in exchange of sharing a preview*

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