I love books and when the opportunity arose to take part in a Blind Date with a book I couldn’t be more excited! Waiting for the book to arrive was like Christmas itself! I honestly couldn’t wait for it! This months book was the Inspired Colouring Christmas!

I think it’s fantastic how much adult colouring in books have taken off! So many adults are enjoying colouring again and it’s something different to do instead of being sat on your phone/computer or in front of the TV. When I was in hospital whilst pregnant with gallstones my Mum bought me an adult colouring in book and I really was in my element doing it!

Inspired Colouring Christmas Book

The Inspired Colouring Christmas Book is fantastic! There are so many different designs of Christmas decorations and Christmas Scenes!

‘Colouring to Relax and Free Your Mind’ is certainly what it does! So many people do certainly feel this and I don’t know what it is but I certainly find it so relaxing. Especially when matching all the colours and patterns of each page.

Parragon Books have a fantastic selection of other adult colouring books! Including Inspired Colouring Flowers and Inspired Colouring Patterns. Make sure to go to their page and have a look at what books are available! The RRP is £9.99 and is worth every penny. I think compared to other colouring books the quality of this one is fantastic. The pages are thick so there is no worry about ink going through each page. Personally I prefer using ink just to make it bolder.

I will certainly be buying more colouring books in the future. If only I had more time to do them! Having Lola running around I wouldn’t dare try to do it! She would love picking up a pencil and scribbling over everything!

Naomi xx

*Disclosure. I am part of the Parragon’s Blind Date with a book group. I was sent this book to review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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