One of my favourite musicals has to be Hairspray! I can sing every song word for word and I must have watched it hundreds of times! Last night I was invited along to The Orchard Theatre in Dartford to see Hairspray on stage! Who else would come along with me other than my sister who equally shares my love for it!

The Show

WOW! That is all I can say! If I could sit and see Hairspray, time and time again I would! From the moment the orchestra started the theatre was buzzing with excitement!

Prior to going to the show I was asked by several people if there were any celebrities in the show! I honestly did not know as I was just so looking forward to seeing the show regardless. It wasn’t until the day of the show I actually looked to see! The cast include; Norman Pace, well known for being part of a comedy double act Hale and Pace, Layton Williams, known for his role in Bad Education TV Series and Movie, and Brenda Edwards, a semi finalist from X Factor in 2005.

Throughout the show I had goosebumps, the cast really put everything and more into it. They certainly understood the audiences love of the show! All of the classic well known Hairspray songs including You Can’t Stop the Beat and Without Love. One of the loudest applauds and cheers of the night had to be when Brenda Edwards belted out I Know Where I’ve Been. The power in her voice and emotion was intense and really did shake the whole theatre. By the end of the whole show everybody was up dancing and clapping along to You Can’t Stop the Beat. It really did leave you wanting more and I left knowing full well the following day I would be watching Hairspray! Not that it compares having it in front of you live on stage!

Is it the same as the Film?

I’ve already mentioned just how much I love the film of Hairspray so I was a little worried they might make a lot of changes in the show. Thankfully, there were only a few small changes and all were received well by the audience! A few extra lines were added into a few songs and a small scene was added. This was needed for the adaptation to stage.

Where to get Tickets?

Hairspray is still at The Orchard Theatre until Saturday 9th September so there are plenty of chances to still go along and see it there! After that it will continue touring the country so the best place to check for where they are, is the Hairspray Musical Website. They are now on tour until June 2018!

Naomi xx

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