I can’t imagine anything worse as a parent than trawling through websites looking for somebody to provide a service, whether it be window cleaner, builder, decorater or photographer! Bidvine is a unique website which enables you to find somebody quickly and with very little input from you!

Having a young family we are always looking for ways to capture the special moments. Although we managed to get some good family photos it always causes a lot of stress making sure that we can take the photo as well as all be looking at the camera at the same time! Our best family photos have certainly been the ones from Lola’s Christening when we had a professional photographer

How to search

I decided to search for Family Portrait Photographers on Bidvine. It really is super easy to do by phone, tablet or computer. On the initial page you just type in what service you require and your postcode. From this you are given a number of options for you to provide more information.

These are a few of the options that came up once I had searched for a Family Portrait Photographer

I love that the final option is asking for your budget. This is great as you know you won’t get contacted with prices out of your price range. Also so you know roughly what sort of budget you are looking for.

Once this is all completed you fill in your e-mail address and just wait for quotes to be e-mailed. I know that frequently quotes are provided within a few hours and it is likely that you will receive multiple quotes. By receiving multiple quotes it also means that you can look into reviews before selecting your professional/trader. Once you have received the service you can also review them on the Bidvine website.

Go through to the Bidvine website to find a Family Potrait Photographer in your area.

Naomi xx



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