We have been lucky enough to be sent a Bibetta Placemat for Lola to use to help making weaning that little bit easier. It has without a doubt helped and been so useful.

Fortunately the day the Bibetta Placemat arrived we were already intending on going out for dinner. What better time to use it for the first time! Personally I think there is nothing worse than how disgusting tables and trays for highchairs can be. I wouldn’t want to be eating from either so I don’t see why Lola should be. At the stage Lola is with Baby Led Weaning she still will sometimes throw the plate. Using the Bibetta means we can still protect the food she is eating.

We can’t live without it!!

The Bibetta Placemat now lives in the changing bag. We use it everywhere we go even if the highchair has a tray then we just cover it with this! It means that Lola is used to using it all the time. Being out and about I hate the state that highchairs can be in and even with baby wipes it doesn’t clean it properly. At least we know this is protecting her as well.

Lola absolutely loves the pocket that catches food as well. She used to act so surprised when seeing the food in the pocket! She now purposefully puts food in it sometimes so that at the end of her meal she can pick it all out!

It’s brilliant because it also goes through the washing machine so even those foods that stain it really doesn’t matter! Ours has been through the washing machine a couple of times. You really can’t tell as it hasn’t faded and washes so well.

I would certainly highly recommend purchasing the Bibetta Placemat for use as I know it is something that can be used throughout the weaning process and not something you might only use for a few months.

Naomi xx

*Disclosure – We were sent the Bibetta Placemat in exchange for an honest review. This post includes affiliate links*

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