Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom is currently touring the UK with a brand new show. Many children absolutely adore Ben and Holly watching every morning on TV

Who are Ben and Holly?

Ben and Holly is an award winning children’s show on Nick Junior and Milkshake on channel 5.

Holly is a fairy Princess who is still in the learning stages of how to fly and although she has magical powers they don’t always go the right! Ben is an elf who can run super fast but can’t fly! Instead he jumps on the back of Gaston the ladybird to fly him around.

The Show

The show features lots of singing, games and audience participation. Perfect for little ones to enjoy whether they’ve been to the theatre before or it’s their first time. It follows Ben and Holly’s adventure through the Little Kingdom that they live in.

Where to see the show?

The show is currently touring around the UK. It is at Dartford Orchard Theatre on the 2nd and 3rd Febuary so for tickets there visit here. To see where else they are touring and purchase tickets then visit here.


*We were gifted tickets to the show in exchange for preview promotion*

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