There is nothing worse than missing a delivery. Especially a cake delivery! bakerdays is a company that specialize in personlised cakes. Not only do they do personalized cakes they also do letterbox size cakes! This way if you are out then your cake will still be delivered!


There is a fantastic amount of choice on the bakerdays website. We chose a personalized Christmas Cake and as it’s Lola’s 1st Christmas we wanted to have Lola’s 1st Christmas on it. The cakes look fantastic and have such a smart finish to them.

We have a tiny letterbox so I was worried that it wouldn’t fit through but thankfully it did! The bakerdays letterbox cakes are 5 inches so perfect fit. As it was a Christmas cake ours came with a little cracker as well! Lola certainly loved this (as she couldn’t have the cake!).

I couldn’t believe the cake when it arrived! It was gorgeous! There was so much detail including the feet of the penguins! I love icing and this icing really was beautiful. I chose to have a chocolate cake as I’m a huge chocolate lover! It was absolutely delicious!  Babs and I shared it and he equally enjoyed it just as much as I did!


We will certainly be ordering from bakerdays again in the future! Make sure and go over to look at the bakerdays website and have a look at some of their beautiful cakes!

Naomi xx

*Disclosure – We were sent the personalised bakerdays letterbox Christmas cake in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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