I’m not going to lie I do honestly worry about the long Summer Holidays when Lola isn’t at Pre School. There are a number of reasons why, and I know it certainly causes so many anxieties for so many other families. Lola and Laide have such a fantastc relationship but they certainly do fall out at times. At the moment Lola being a pre school 3 days a week certainly helps build their relationship but obviously this option isn’t available during the holidays! This is certainly one of the reasons Lola loves having extra activities outside the house so she can do her own thing! Barracudas Activity Day Camps provide that exact respite that Lola needs from her sister!

Barracudas Activity Day Camps

With over 40 camps Barracudas Activity Day Camps run across the country. Camps are for children ages 4.5 up to 14. Lola turns 4.5 in July so will be able to participate during the Summer Holidays this year. Barracudas Activity Day Camps have an absolutely amazing Outstanding Ofsted Rating. They have been rated Outstanding more times than any other activity day camp competitior.


singingThere really is such a huge range of activities at Barracudas Day Camps. These include sports, arts and crafts and singining and dancing. All the children that attend get to choose the activities that they want to take part. This is are age appropriate (and camp dependent). On the Barracudas Activity Day Camp website until each age bracket there are examples of what the timetables look like and example of some of the choices on a daily basis. Here is the link to the 4.5-6 year olds

At each camp they have themed days on a Friday where children are allowed to dress up according to that theme if they want. Themes have included Colours of the Rainbow, Back to Front Days, Heroes and Villians and many more. I know this is something Lola would absolutely love because she really is a bit obsessed with dressing up!


When I was growing up I would always go to play scheme during the summer holidays. I remember is so clearly as well as the friendships I made. Barracudas Activity Day Camps are obviously only for the holidays but often the same children go each year so friendships will certainly grow stronger. Even now I’m still friends with some of the children I met so long ago.


Prices vary so it is best to search for you camp. There are also wrap around hours available at some camps. These are for an additional cost but perfect for working parents who need to drop off/pick up that bit earlier or later. On their website there are offers with discounts as well as sibling and weekly discounts. You are also able to use different payment types when booking including debit/credit card, tax free childcare and childcare vouchers as well as having the option to spread the cost. I know this would certainly be something important to me.

Naomi xx

*This is a sponsored post and have previously worked with Barracudas*

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