Being a child it is so important to spend as much time outside as possible. I know Lola would live outside if she could! She is certainly the happiest when she is outside. With her being outside so much it means that its inevitable that there will be bumps, cuts and bruises! Unfortunately, only yesterday Lola got her first black eye after falling over and bashing her eye so there were a lot of tears. These are the 5 things that we will know will turn her tears into smiles – I’m sure a majority will be the same for any child!


Being a stay at home mum means that i’m with Lola 24/7. This means that if Lola is upset when Daddy is around then immediately she wants him! She knows the more tears (a majority of the time fake tears!) then Daddy will pay her more and more attention! How much of a Daddy’s girl is she!! She really does have him wrapped around her little finger!


If Lola is crying or grouchy (again usually with her pretend tears!) then all you have to say is there’s a dog or duck! Instantly she will turn around and look for which ever animal was mentioned! She will then instantly want to see the animal and try to run over and start saying hello to it!


What child won’t smile after being offered chocolate! Lola is more than happy after being given a piece of chocolate and then will even tease you with the piece of chocolate! Offering it to you then removing it quickly! With Lola it has to be milk chocolate though! If you offer her white chocolate she looks at you like your crazy!


Lola doesn’t know what plasters actually are for but she is more than happy when she is given a sticker (plaster)! This are certainly a great distraction especially these new Frozen ones!


Finally, Lola is a breastfed toddler. What is guaranteed to turn her tears into smiles? Is boob without a doubt! If Lola really is hurt then she will usually put her hand down my top to soothe herself. Then want to feed as soon as possible! Certainly a true breastfed baby!

Who are Elastoplast?

I know that everybody will have used Elastoplast plasters even if they don’t recognise the name! Unbelievably, Elastoplast has been going since 1924! They are certainly a worldwide brand that everybody knows with over 200 products! Elastoplast are always a firm family favourite.

Tears into Smiles

Check out this lovely video made by Elastoplast!

Naomi xx

“This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast.”.

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