To the lady in Asdas that looked appallingly as my daughter was having a meltdown.

What you don’t realise is that my daughter has just spent 2 hours in a doctors waiting room playing and waiting patiently. We hadn’t been out for nearly a week as we had all been ill. She was getting tired but we desperately needed supplies.


To the men in the coffee shop that kept looking at each other and whispering as my daughter was walking around the coffee shop babbling away.

What you don’t realise is that my daughter had been in her buggy for over an hour. Prior to that had been in the car for an hour. She was excited to be finally out and being able to walk.


To the people staring as i’m walking along carrying my daughter whilst pushing her buggy. Then looking up and down between us and the buggy.

Yes I could put her in the buggy but she has just had a huge meltdown from being in it for so long. I would much rather get back to the car and settle her as quickly as I could.


To the ladies working in Mothercare at Bluewater laughing that they don’t have a feeding room anymore. Telling me that there are toilets to feed my daughter in or the Bluewater feeding room.

What you don’t realize is that I’ve battled my way through the last part of Bluewater. Mothercare is opposite the entrance to where I park so is the most convenient place. I’ve then battled my way through Mothercare with a screaming baby who just wants feeding. Just to find out they have got rid of the family room so it’s not as easy as ‘just finding somewhere else’


To the lady who is spending time with my family telling me how disgusting breastfeeding is. Whilst I am sat there breastfeeding my daughter.

Well it was clearly your choice not to and I’m proud that I have been able to breastfeed Lola and to still be doing it now. How can something so natural be so disgusting. Thank goodness I’m thick skinned and it angered me more than it upset me. It could have easily upset others.


To the couple in the restaurant who are muttering about my daughter being excited and squealing.

We are in a family restaurant. You can’t expect silence from all children especially when they are a baby. My daughter was not distracting anybody else. Only you that look down at everybody. Next time you want your ‘romantic meal’ when you are touching each other up maybe you could do this in your own home or somewhere that isn’t a well known family restaurant.


To the people who park in Parent and Child bays who clearly have NO children.

Maybe you could try and struggle getting a baby in and our of their car seat when the car next to you has parked ridiculously close. I ALWAYS make sure that even if Lola is in the car but staying in the car with my other half that I DO NOT park in those bays to make sure there is room for the person who is about to turn up with children by themselves so they can easily get them out.


To the GP Receptionist who spoke to me like I was a bad mother for not taking my daughter to walk in surgery.

My daughter had become ill AFTER walk in surgery. Yes walk in surgery only finished 3 hours before the phone call ,BUT a baby can become ill so suddenly and she needed seeing. Once she had been seen by the doctor she actually had a very nasty viral infection that HAD come on suddenly.


THANK YOU to the lady who got off at London Bridge who made a point of praising me and saying how fantastically well behaved my daughter is.

THANK YOU to the man who played peek a boo with my daughter making her giggle all the way from Sevenoaks to Waterloo East. This certainly made the journey so much easier.

THANK YOU to the lady in Costa that clearly saw me struggling with holding my daughter, carrying the bags and trying to pay who then helped with carrying everything over.

THANK YOU to the lady in Iceland who helped so much and when I realised I had forgotten something called her colleague to go and get it for me so I wouldn’t struggle back with my daughter.

THANK YOU to the group of elderly people that sat in the restaurant next to us and continued to praise my daughter for how well she is eating.

THANK YOU to the other GP receptionist who when I went to walk in surgery for myself could see that I was struggling being ill and being there with my daughter. Who then booked me in to be seen next instead of the hour wait.

All of these have happened to me within the past few months. Please anybody reading this. Do not judge the Mum that is clearly struggling at that moment with their baby. You don’t know what has happened prior to that moment. Please feel free to praise Mums or help where possible. Just as you would like people to do with your wife, sister, girlfriend or friend. Especially at a time of need! 

Sorry rant over!

Naomi xx

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