Every person that you speak to will come up with various tips for teething. Whether it be teething toys, medication or herbal remedies. I thought I would go through what works for us! Obviously each child is different and different things will work for different stages. I know full well that something that work with Lola when she was 4 months won’t now work with Lola at the age of 1!

Lola started teething ridiciously early, her first tooth never came through though until she was 7 months old. Everything to start with is really about trial and error. There are just a few items that throughout Lola teething we could not live without.

Sophie la Giraffe

Sophie is very hit and miss with babies. Lola loved Sophie and Sophie went everywhere with us for a few months. Lola loved Sophie and would spend so much time chewing away on her. Initially I did think what a waste of money but i’m so pleased we spent it with how much Lola loved it! Sophie does still come out every now and then! The past couple of weeks Sophie has made a reappearance but Lola is now playing with her as a toy rather than being used as a teether.

Cheeky Chompers

Before Lola was born we had already bought her a Cheeky Chompers Neckerchief and Comforter from the Sandown Park Baby to Toddler Show. I love all the beautiful designs that they have and there is certainly a fantastic selection. They are brilliant for teething because on the corner of both the Comforter and Neckerchief there is a teether. Lola has the comforter attached to the buggy that she always plays with. She chews the teething corner for ages and will hold onto it whilst out. For a good few months constantly wore the neckerchief! She doesn’t really wear it quite as much now purely because she takes anything like that off instantly!

Teething Gel

I know a lot of people find that there is a certain teething gel that works for their little ones. For Lola any teething gel seems to work! We’ve used Bonjela, Dentinox and Anbesol and all work just as well with Lola. I think for Lola it’s just beneficial having something soothing on her gums.

Teething Ring

Teething Rings are fantastic BEFORE they have teeth especially when the ring is cold and just out the fridge. Don’t make the same mistake as me though! I gave Lola one to play with a little while ago – It was the nearest thing to distract her at the time! Now that she has teeth she bit into it and it popped! Resulting in the water coming out! Before she had teeth though she loved them!

These have only been a few things that work for us with Lola. What works for your little ones when they are teething?

Naomi xx

*Disclosure – This post is in collaboration with Cheeky Chompers*

2 thoughts on “Teething. What works for us?”

  1. Ahh! There is so much more now for teething babies….Sophie la Giraffe and Cheeky Chompers weren’t around when my girls were little….We made do with teething gel and like you teething rings which had been in the freezer….
    I hope you are through the teething stage soon x

  2. I wrote a post myself on teething as both our daughter and us suffered really awfully. I haven’t tried them myself but a lot of people are making breast milk ice lollies which I imagine would be great for a teething baby 🙂

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