*This is a sponsored post* Becoming a parent whether it is your first or your fourth is so daunting! Guidelines so often change or are shared by people without the full understanding so it is always essential to ensure you are following the correct guidelines. One of the most important guidelines to follow is certainly the safer sleeping guidelines especially with newborns and young babies.


Bounty are a company that help parents through their parenting journey. They provide plenty of advice around every aspect of parenting from coping with the early days to weaning and money matters. Bounty offer parents 3 different Bounty Packs through different stages of pregnancy and once you become a new parent which include advice, samples and money saving offers. Working with a number of charities it means that Bounty Packs always have the most up to date information as well as being able to support charities who return the support ot those family that need.

Each month alone over 45,000 new parents receive Bounty Packs and often they know very little about some of the charities that provide such relevant information. To receive your free Bounty Packs then it is best to download the Bounty App where the coupons can be scanned in Tesco, Asda and Boots stores.

The Lullaby Trust

The Lullaby Trust is an amazing charity that promotes safe sleeping and raises awareness of SIDs working closely with medical professionals. They also support families who have sadly lost a baby to SIDs. Support is provided from pregnancy stage all the way up to pre schoolers and school age.

Safer Sleep Key Points

Bounty and The Lullaby Trust have started working closely together to ensure that the safer sleep guidelines are being promoted and easily accesable. The guidelines are now being included in Bounty Packs that are provided free of charge as well as all the information being on the Bounty Website, Bounty App and Bounty Guides.

The Lullaby Trust have a large number of resources promoting safer sleep including Posters, leaflets and videos.

They Key Points to Safer Sleeping are

Keep your baby in your bedroom for at least 6 months either in a cot or moses basket

Always place your baby on their back.

Do not let baby get too warm. Checking both room temperature and temperature of your baby

Ensure there is nothing in the cot so no loose blankets, toys or cot bumpers

As well as the points in the video and the previous there are also additional guidelines for co sleeping, We co slept (and still do) with the girls so I thought I would share the additional Co – Sleeping Safer Sleep Guidelines.

If anyone in the bed has drunk any alcohol

If anyone is a smoker

If anybody as taken drugs or medication that makes you drowsy

If your baby was premature or weighed under 2.5kg when born

Further Information

For further information regarding Safer Sleep then there is a new section on the Bounty Website about Safe Sleep as well as a lot of information on the Lullaby Trust Website .

Naomi xx

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  1. I was so scared when I had Harry about safe sleeping, so many people kept telling me different things. I found the best info from Lullaby

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