Before I was pregnant I had always thought to myself that when I have children I will certainly breastfeed. Whilst I was pregnant I was even more determined to breastfeed. I did buy some bottles ready for when expressing but not for the intention of anything else. My intentions were to breastfeed as long as possible.

As soon as Lola was born the midwifes had placed her ready to feed and I was so worried how long it would learn her how to latch and be able to feed properly.

Instantly Lola latched and she feed for an hour without any issues – I was so thankful that she was able to and that she was content.


I gave birth at 5.30am and most of that day Lola slept – I hadn’t really thought much about her feeding during that time as the midwives in the Delivery Suite had already said it would be likely she wouldn’t feed at all due to being so tired and at least she had fed for so long the first time. I was desperate to go home and the midwives were processing all the paperwork and everything so that we could home. They had just finished when a midwife came in and was talking about how much Lola had fed. When we informed her that Lola hadn’t fed since being born she immediately started saying that she should have fed by now and that we needed to do everything we could to get her to feed. She woke Lola up and told us that her blood sugar levels could go down which would mean she would sleep more. Lola wasn’t interested at all in feeding she just wanted to sleep which made us worry after everything the midwife had told us. The midwife told us she would keep coming back every 15 minutes to check if she had fed. During this time Lola kept falling back asleep; the midwife came back in and said we needed to strip Lola to wake her up. We tried this and skin to skin but this didn’t work. The door was opened (At Pembury hospital they have doors instead of windows but with barriers so you can’t get out obviously! It got to the stage where we were all freezing cold! But all Lola wanted was to sleep.

The midwife came back in and recommended I stayed for the night being a first time mum and asked what we would do in the middle of the night if Lola is screaming and she’s hungry but she won’t feed. I started to question whether it was the right thing to do to go home or stay and get the support. I was concerned about staying as I hadn’t seen a midwife for 4 hours once arriving on the Post Natal ward and as the rooms are individual rooms I was worried I wouldn’t actually get any support if needed.

My mum finally said to us that we needed to make a decision and just go with it, If I wanted to stay that was fine Babs would go back and stay at hers as she only lives 5 minutes from the hospital, or whether we were to go home and at least then Babs and I would have each other to get through the first night.

The decision was made that we would just go home, after finally getting everything together and being ready we got home at 10.30pm. It had been such a long few days that we just wanted to sleep! Well that wasn’t happening with a newborn! I was slightly concerned about Lola feeding but thought to myself she had fed so well at the beginning that she would certainly feed when she wanted. Well 20 minutes after arriving home we tried again and instantly Lola latched and started to feed.  This we soon realised would be a long night of cluster feeding! I was so proud that we had made the decision to go home and as I was so much more relaxed being at home it also meant that Lola was relaxed.

Since then our breastfeeding journey has gone from strength to strength. After 2 days my milk had already come in and then when the Midwife visited on day 5 she informed us Lola had put on 20 grams! I could not believe it – The midwife kept repeating to me don’t worry a baby will always lose weight and as long as she had lost no more than 10% then not to worry about it at all. I could not be happier knowing that she was feeding so well. Since then she has always gained weight so well and she is certainly a content and satisfied baby.


I have gained a lot more confidence feeding in public I’m more than happy feeding in Restaurants, Cafes and in the park when out for walks. If we are out shopping I will quite often check for a family or feeding room purely because Lola is so nosey and gets distracted so easily that she won’t feed properly if there are too many distractions. When Lola was 5 weeks old I even fed her on the Port Lympe Safari! Nobody noticed as it looked like I was just cuddling my baby and she was happy and fell asleep!


Lola is nearly 5 months and I can’t see us stopping any time soon. Nothing can be compared to the bond that we have through breastfeeding.

Naomi xx

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