The couple of weeks after my 12 week scan not much really happened. I still struggled with the Hyperemesis Gravidarum but I was back at work and just sleeping the rest of the time!

I kept getting asked what I thought the baby was; in early pregnancy I was convinced I was having a boy however soon after my 12 week scan suddenly my thinking totally changed and I was convinced it was a girl but Babs was convinced it was a boy. I had start craving ice lollies and sugary sweets. I’ve always loved Coke and it was a really struggle making sure I wasn’t drinking too much as it was one of the drinks that seemed to help stop me feeling sick!

I would also be regularly asked whether I had felt the baby moving, when I was nearly 19 weeks I started to feel flutters, such an amazing feeling but I still doubted whether it was the baby or whether I was just imagining it!

Being pregnant I also managed to get everything that was going around the office! I had colds, coughs and sickness bugs! I had to be so careful keeping away from ‘sick people‘!

20 Weeks Pregnant

Before we knew it, it was time for our 20 week scan! A couple of my friends kept laughing saying it would be just my luck the baby would have its legs crossed so we wouldn’t find out the sex! Prior to the scan we kept getting asked whether we would find out what we were having or whether we would wait until the baby was born. Both of us were so eager to find out the sex of the baby and it hadn’t crossed our minds that we wouldn’t find out. We were extremely lucky during the scan because we had a Student Sonographer as well as a qualified Sonographer so the Student was looking at everything first and then the qualified Songographer would look at everything. We were in the scan for around 40 minutes and we loved ever second seeing our baby kicking away and moving around.

One of the last questions we were asked “Do you want to find out the sex of the baby” both of us instantly “Yes,yes yes!” The Sonographer asked what we both though the baby would be! I proudly said girl and Babs proudly said boy! The Sonographer turned to Babs and said “I’m afraid to say that ….” she then turned to me “You are right it is a girl!” We were both so excited. Although we both had guessed what the baby might be we really didn’t mind whether it was a boy or girl as long as the baby was healthy. We came out of the scan to a lot of messages asking the sex as we had been in the scan for so long!! Instantly we started calling family and friends to let them know the good news!


Our scan was on the Friday of the bank holiday weekend in August so it meant that we would get to have an extra long weekend shopping for our baby now that we knew the sex! We decided to go over to Lakeside, this trip didn’t go as planned as once we arrived I had a really bad pain all in my right side, I took paracetamol as that is pretty much all that you can take when pregnant before trying to go slowly around some of the shops. Little did I know that this pain would continue for a couple of weeks resulting in being hospitalised.

The week after my scan I had to see the Consultant because I had a high BMI. She was really happy with the scans and ordered that because of having Consultant led care in my pregnancy that  I would have to have scans at 28, 32 and 36 weeks. I was over the moon that I would continue to be able to see my baby that many times!

Baby Feet!

The following week I was hospitalised with gall stones (I have written a separate blog about this!)

Once out of hospital and back to work I was working reduced hours which really helped, I would finish earlier which would mean I could get home and sleep which I really needed. At 26 weeks Babs finally felt our baby girl kicking – something I was so desperate for him to feel as I had been feeling her for so long and I felt guilty that he hadn’t been able to feel her. It was such a magical moment for both of us.

Naomi xx

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