.May 5th 2015 a day that will never be forgotten! The first Bank Holiday in May and I had spent most of it asleep. Feeling utterly exhausted and constantly feeling nauseous. In the evening I thought I would take a pregnancy test and never expected it to be positive. The moment was so special, I went back into the bedroom speechless (which is extremely unusual for me!!). Babs not believing it was true and as soon as he saw the line on the test tears began in his eyes. We were both so excited. We knew we wanted to start a family together and couldn’t wait for the moment for us to get married. Little did we know when we booked our wedding for October 2015 it would be postponed because I was pregnant! Initially we didn’t tell any family as I was so desperate to have a scan before anybody was told.

I had been extremely lazy and not registered at my local doctors! It meant that was the first thing on our list to do was to register at the doctors! I had to wait a week to be registered before I could even get a booking in appointment with the Midwife. Eventually the letter came and the appointment was at Maidstone Birthing Centre. All the usual tests were completed; blood tests, weight, height and I was given my due date! 3rd January 2016! I walked away from that appointment so very excited and wishing I could tell the whole world.

The next couple of weeks consisted of bad nausea and sleep, sleep and more sleep! I kept begging Babs for an early scan and he agreed as it would put my mind at ease and stop me begging!

First Scan

May 30th we had a private scan. They were running 40 minutes late and I was so worried there would be something wrong with the baby. Finally we were called in and the Sonographer started scanning immediately! She found a heart beat straight away but my bladder being so full meant it was blocking the baby so I was sent out to the toilet. I could not stop smiling knowing that my baby already had a heart beat. Back in the room and the Sonographer measured the baby which at this point was the size of a raspberry (8 weeks). The dates didn’t match up to the original dates and she dated me as being due 11th January. I walked out of the scan on cloud 9. We were so excited and couldn’t wait to see our baby again at 12 weeks



The following couple of weeks the tiredness and nausea continued to get worse which resulted in being signed off work for 2 weeks with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Whilst being off I barely moved and could barely eat. I’m not someone who usually eats a lot of fruit but I could not get enough of melon, mango and other fruits. Luckily I had already told the managers at work that I was pregnant prior to being signed off. My Doctors Certificate stated Hypermesis Gravidarum! I was prescribed anti sickness tablets again this time. Although the initial ones didn’t work once I started the second lot it certainly made such a difference.

12 week scan

Finally the day arrived June 30th for my 12 week scan. Words cannot describe the feeling and all the emotions you go through prior to the scan, during the scan and after the scan. As we had only seen the baby 4 weeks before and it was just the shape of a bean we weren’t expecting it to look like a baby yet but we were certainly in for a shock! As soon as the Sonographer started scanning instantly we clearly saw 2 arms, 2 legs, the body and the head. Even more amazing was being able to see the heart beating and being told all about what they were looking for in the scan. We were given a different due date of 10th January 2016.

After leaving the scan we continued to phone around to all of our family to start informing them of our miracle. We decided it didn’t want to make it “Facebook official” (What a sad world we live in that nothing is official until it is on Facebook!!) until we had spoken to all both families especially as a lot of Babs family are in Nigeria.

1st July 2015 would be the day we announced our news to everybody via both Facebook and Instagram!

Naomi xx

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