If there is one thing to make Lola happy then it is water! In the evening she can be so grouchy and grizzly from being tired but as soon as she is undressed and can see the bath she’s so happy! We only used the baby bath for her first few baths but then it became easier for her just to be in the bath with one of us. She loves it! We used a bath seat that we had borrowed from a friend a couple of times but it was just easier for her to sit on my lap. She is quite happy being in the bath 30-40 minutes and will splash away for ages.


We first took Lola swimming when she was 7 weeks old. I was amazed she didn’t cry once not even when getting changed. She loved looking round and watching the bright lights. We also went swimming with Auntie Chloe a few days later. Whilst we were on holiday at Butlins we went swimming every day and this is when Lola gained most confidence and started to enjoy water the most.

Recently I haven’t been swimming with her but we are going tomorrow and I can’t wait!

Naomi xx

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