It’s been so hard deciding what we will get Lola for Christmas as it is her birthday only 3 weeks after Christmas! We wanted to get presents that would be things that would last her and not toys she would play with for 5 minutes and that be it.

Toot Toot Tracks

We chose a basic Toot Toot Track set so that we can get some more of the interesting sets as she gets a bit older. We want her to start understanding the basic track and then get the various more extravagant sets!


Toot Toot Vehicles

Obviously you need vehicles to go with the tracks! Lola actually chose these herself. We were holding up each of the vehicles and we got the ones that she held her hand out for.

Happyland London Bus

I love the Early Learning Centre range Happyland. There are so many different sets that it is a collection that we can continue to grow.



MegaBloks are something that even if she is bought the same set 10 times it wouldn’t matter! We chose these ones because they have letters on so when she starts to recognize letters they will help!


Stacking Fire Engine

This Fire Engine has been a last minute present! Lola has started to really enjoy putting blocks on top of each other so this is perfect! It was a cheap addition to her presents so even if she looses all the pieces it doesn’t matter too much!


With the Toot Toot items, Happyland and Megabloks they are all items that family members can add to. We will at least be able to say the collections that we already have so that then they can buy other collections.

All of this only cost us £17.50! Absolute bargain! I’m part of the Boots Parenting Club which is an add on to their Advantage Card. When you buy anything baby related then instead of getting 4 points for every £1 you spend you get 10 points! Each point is equal to 1p. When buying any baby products this obviously mounts up! I managed to get up to £46 worth of points so we used these to buy Lola’s presents.

The Toot Toot Vehicles were 3 for 2 at £8. I also had a spend £20 get £5 off! We actually needed some bits for Lola so in total we only ended up paying £15! Then the Happyland London Bus, Megabloks and Toot Toot Tracks were also on the 3 for 2 which I paid with using my Advantage Card Points! The Fire Engine we then saw on offer in Lidls and knew Lola would love it!

I fully recommend to any parent to join the parenting club! It really is so worth while and there are always so many vouchers coming through.

Naomi xx

2 thoughts on “Lola’s Christmas Presents”

  1. I struggle for ideas and my girls birthdays are 3 months before and after! Some lovely ideas 🙂 I considered getting the toot toot drivers for my toddler but we’ve already spent enough!

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