Well what a crazy month it has been! Lola is starting to become more independent she doesn’t want to be carried all the time and much prefers cruising around the furniture or crawling ridiculously quickly. She has now taken her first step as well!!! HoweverLola now weighs 22lb 3oz she is mostly in 12-18 month clothes however some places like Primark she’s in 18-24 months!.


Lola is still in size 5 nappies. We are using Sainsburys nappies and Asda Little Angels Wipes however I’m thinking of going back to Aldi Mamia wipes.

We had Lola’s feet measured for the first time. We knew it wouldn’t be long until she’s walking and I was curious to see what size she would be! She is already a 3.5 G! She certainly gets her wider feet from me!


This month has been very exciting as my blog has been extremly busy and we’ve attended some fantastic opportunities. It started with Little Tikes Newborn Toy Launch which Lola thoroughly enjoyed playing with all the toys and especially loved the balloons! It was lovely to chat to their Child Psychologist Emma Kenny as she praised me so much for still breastfeeding Lola and the fact we co-sleep.

The next event was a Water Confidence Swimming Lesson which again Lola throughly enjoyed. She swam under water for the first time and she was utterly fantastic. I have completed a review on the session.

Our final event was something that we certainly could not miss! The launch of Lola’s photoshoot photos with The Gro Company! We attended the Orla Kiely shop in London.




Weaning is going so fantastically well! Lola has some days when she decides she doesn’t fancy much but other days she does not stop eating all day! Her firm favourites this month are rice, apples and meat! You can put any dish in front of Lola and she will pick out every single piece of meat possible! Her pincer grip is amazing and if she hasn’t quite got the food she squashes it with her thumb and sucks it off her thumb! She is loving Jollof Rice which is so ridiculously spicy!




Naomi xx

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