Lola was 8 months old on Thursday and she weighs 21lb 14oz!! She’s now too long to lay on the scales so has to sit on them! Lola’s first tooth has just come through which is very exciting but meant that we had a very grouchy baby for a few days.

Weaning is going so well. Lola LOVES food! Especially meat! When we give her food she manages to pull out all the meat and eat it first! We have had to be a lot more careful this past month as she has been chewing off bigger bits of food and gagging on them so we are giving her pieces of food in slightly smaller pieces. It really doesn’t bother her when she gags she just carries on eating which is fantastic. As well as solids Lola is still breastfed, if we are busy then Lola will only feed a couple of times during the day. If we are with new people or new surroundings it takes her ages to actually feed as the slightest noise she turns around to see what is going on. The past week or so Lola is drinking a lot more water than she was, she’s learnt to now drink out of her Munckin 360 cup and also has a Nuby sippy cup that I keep in changing bag for when we are out and about.


This month Lola’s learnt so much! Clapping is now a firm favourite however only a select few are allowed to clap with her! If anybody else joins in (including both Babs and I!!) Then she will frown at you and stop until you stop and then she smiles and starts again!!!! The other favourite that she has learnt is standing up from crawling! Lola has been able to stand up for a while now but now she can crawl along and stop and then stand up. She usually has something in her hand so will loose balance but she is so desperate to walk! I honestly think within the next couple of months she will be walking!!

20160823_18422520160831_171758 20160911_125731 img_20160821_122344

Lola had her first major photo shoot as well!! With the Gro Company which we were very excited about. It was held in a beautiful house in London and Lola was an utter star. She was more than happy following the camera round and watching them. She barely looked at me the whole time!! (Only when she headbutted the camera!!) Lola without a doubt knew they needed the photos because she even fell asleep and slept on her back which she will never ever do! So they were able to get a further 40 minutes worth of photos of her asleep. Look out for the photos in Mothercare from December/January time!!

Meanwhile here’s a few photos from the past month!!!

img_20160821_123506 img_20160904_194512 img_20160828_082600 img_20160905_141709 20160903_132227 img_20160913_121546 img-20160907-wa0005

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