Lola is 7 months old today! She now weighs 20lb 11oz and is halfway bewteen 91st and 98th centile.

Lola is still in some 6-9 month clothes but size 9-12 months are quickly creeping in, We have moved into size 5 nappies. Although she is still in the weight range of size 4 they were starting to leave mraks on her so we have moved her up to size 5 and it is so much better for her. When I first got one out of the new pack they looked massive but once they were on they really didn’t look that big! We are still using Pampers but will soon be starting to get Aldi nappies. My sister has managed to pick up Sainsburys nappied reduced so we are also sometimes using those and so far so good.

A couple of weeks ago Lola was really ill. Babs noticed on the Monday that Lola had a temperature in the morning and we thought it might just be a one day thing. She slept most the morning¬† but became more lively in the afternoon. We went out for a meal in the evening with my Dad and family but she really wasn’t herself at all. She wasn’t interested in food and only wanted breast feeding.¬† It didn’t help that it was so hot in the restaurant. That night we nearly had to take her to a walk in centre as her temperature was constantly 39 degrees. We kept giving her Paracetamol/Nurofen and it would come back down for an hour or so and then go back up. She kept crying throughout the night which is so unlike Lola. She really isn’t a crying baby at all and especailly overnight. We took her to our doctors first thing and they were fantastic. The doctor saw us immediately and we were in with him for 30 minutes. He went through absolutely everything and fully checked Lola over. He explained why he was doing everything and the significance of it all as well. As a parent you start to think the worst but he really reassured both myself and Babs. He was so intent on reassuring us that although Lola was very ill it was something that we could deal with at home. He diagnosed her with a viral infection and advised us to keep up with both pain relief and told us the signs to look out for which would result us in needing to go to hospital. The next few days consisted of Lola sleeping or crying. It was heartbreaking seeing her so upset. We knew she was ill as she wasn’t eating at all and only wanted breast feeding. Although it was hard it was so lovely having the few days of just cuddling up and watching tv all the time. By the Friday she was a lot better and by the Sunday she was 100%.

Lola is constantly on the move. She has perfected crawling and can easily transition from crawling to sitting and vice versa. She can also easily pull herself up on everything and then lower herself and sit back down. She can stand up for about 5-6 seconds by herself. No where is safe from her!!!

So Lola has been on solids for a month and it has gone so much better than I thought it would! She has tried so many foods including Nigerian. Funnily enough she can deal with the spice of Nigerian food but I’ve made home made chips a couple of times and put some pepper on them and she really struggles with it! I wouldn’t say she really has a favourite as she seems to enjoy everything except broccoli.

Lola has always been very vocal but she is now saying a lot more sounds. At the moment I think dada is her favourite (she really is a Daddy’s girl!!)Sometimes it really is sounding like she says proper words but it’s just the way she’s put the sounds together!


The past month has included Lola’s first trip to the dentist¬† (Even though she still has no teeth!) Lola’s first sleepover with our cousins Sophie and Courtney! We’ve been to London Zoo, Paradise Wildlife Park and The Big Cat Sanctuary! Lola loves zoos so much! Lola even managed to get another babies number whilst at Paradise Wildlife Park! We were all busy watching the Lions and Lola was busy babbling away to a baby a month older than her! She kept touching his hand! This all resulted in them babbling away for another 15 minutes and us talking to the parents and big brother! When we were getting ready to leave and getting everything in the car they walked past us and gave us their number so that we can meet with them again!

Naomi xx

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  1. Loved the ‘dada’ part the most. Lola the daddy’s princess and it’s good to see mutual love between Babs and her.

    Do I see a future Olympic medallist in swimming pool?

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