I honestly thought time might slow down just a little bit once Lola turned 1! It really hasn’t!! She was 14 months on Wednesday and what a month it has been! She has changed so much this past month!

I don’t think Lola has changed too much in terms of weight but she’s certainly got taller! Some of her leggings are now a bit too short for her but she is loosing some of her baby belly so we’re in between sizes for trousers /leggings at the moment! I had her feet measured last week and she is now a 5G! She’s still in size 5 nappies but I think we may need to move up soon!

Lola had her 1 year jabs just after turning 13 months and she was so so so good! I was dreading taking her by myself but she was absolutely fine! She didn’t cry for the first one but then only cried briefly for the other 3. After the jabs she wasn’t that well for a few days but I think it was more down to being ill rather than the jabs. These jabs take between 7-10 days before they may become ill which she did so it does feel like she’s not been 100% for a good couple of weeks!


This month Lola has suddenly really started to understand cutlery. She now refuses to eat unless she has cutlery. She’s not happy with just having a fork or a spoon she HAS to have cutlery in the other hand as well! We’ve finally stopped the bowl/plate throwing as soon as it’s put in front of her as well! So it now means we’ve been able to start putting her food on plates instead of on the tray of her highchair! Once Lola has finished eating she will usually pass us her plate to show that she has finished. She’s also started being able to control a normal cup better as well. I only put small amounts in but she is able to drink from it without it spilling everywhere


I honestly can’t explain the huge improvement on sleeping! Lola has always gone to bed fairly late and we’ve never really had a set night time routine. We tried so hard for a few months of going to bed much earlier. I was heading to bed with her at 7/7.30 but then would end up spending the entire evening in the bedroom. It would take well over an hour to get her to sleep and then by the time she was asleep I would try and move and she would wake up instantly. If we moved her to the cot she would wake up, so it would then be back to the beginning of feeding her and laying with her. I would end up falling asleep meaning that Babs and I were having no time together at all in the evenings.

When Lola had her first few days of not being well we let her stay with us until about 10 and then headed to bed. The first night she only woke up once and took only 5 minutes to fall asleep! The following night we tried it again. Again it only took 5 minutes for her to fall asleep and she then spent 75% of the night in the cot!

Since then there we’ve stuck to the later bed time and it was made such a HUGE difference to sleeping for us all! She’s slept through a couple of nights waking up around 6 for a quick feed before falling back asleep. Most nights though she is only waking up once and spending a majority of the night in the cot! We are all sleeping in a much deeper sleep, it’s lovely having the bed back for just Babs and I. Lola is really benefiting from the extra time in the evenings spending it with Babs as well which is lovely.

Daddy’s Girl

This month Lola has become such a Daddy’s girl again! All she wants is Daddy! She certainly has him wrapped round her little finger!! As soon as he gets home from work she runs to him and doesn’t let him do anything! He has to sit on the floor with her and play! If she wants something she will keep pointing to it and drag him to it or turn his head for him to see!! We went to Chessington Zoo and with everything single animal Lola would shout Daddy then point to the animal and shout look! (Well her version of both!) If he was standing next to her taking photos she would poke him until he looked!


I’ve just started a couple to become a Breastfeeding Peer Support. The course is run through University of Greenwich and is accredited which is fantastic! By doing the course it means that Lola has started going to the crèche which is provided whilst the course is on. We had a taster session last month when I met a couple of the Mums also doing the course and Lola go to play with their children as well as get to know the environment!

The first day of crèche I was dreading. It was the first time I had left Lola with people we don’t know! When I took Lola into the room she was instantly running looking at the various toys and started playing! I left her playing with the dolls and pushchairs and purposefully didn’t say goodbye. Thankfully as the course is only in the room next door it means if there is an issue they just knock for us!

Well it got to the break after an hour and there had been no knock on the door! I didn’t want to go and see her but I had a quick peak through the door window! Lola was outside playing so I saw her briefly for a second! The course continued and again no knocking on the door about Lola! Once the course was over I went through to get Lola. It was so lovely to see her have such a huge smile on her face when she saw me! Then she ran off and continued playing! She really was not wanting to go home.

Swimming Lessons

Lola had her first swimming lesson on Tuesday! Her name has been on the waiting list for a few months so it was great to finally get a call to say there was a space. They are at our local swimming pool and we are able to swim before and after which is great! She really enjoyed the lesson and watching the other children! I was so proud of her being able to blow bubbles into the water and being able to move a toy by blowing it. She was also kicking fantastically well! We already can’t wait for next week!


It’s amazing the amount of understanding Lola has as well as some of the words she can say. She can clearly say Mummy, Daddy, Nanny and Baby. The following words she can say but sometimes they are clear and other times it’s just that we know what she is saying; More, There, Look, Grandad, Bing, Woof Woof, Quack Quack and Knock Knock. I’m sure there are other words that I can’t think of that she says!

I think that is pretty much everything for this month. So here are a few photos from the past month!

Naomi xxx

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