1! How in the world is Lola already 1! Before you become a parent you think time sometimes flies! Well wait until you become a parent! Honestly this has been the fastest year of my life!

So Lola turned 1 last Sunday (this is a week late!) and we celebrated with her Christening being held on the same day with a gathering celebration after! We also had her cake smash at home last week! As her actual birthday was so busy we decided to have Monday getting odd jobs done (and a visit to the dentist!) and then we had a family day out on Tuesday as Babs had a few days off work! Lola absolutely loves animals and she loved when we went to Brighton Sea Life Centre on my birthday so we decided we would treat her and take her to London Sea Life Centre!

I had Lola weighed last week and her weight has not changed (24lb). This isn’t a cause for concern in any way as she eats so much and is on the go all the time! All day she is non stop and insists on walking everywhere! Even to the bigger places like Bluewater, Parks and the Aquarium! She is still in size 5 nappies and she is in a range of 12-18 and 18-24 month clothing! She also has had a few outfits 2-3 years but those shops are notorious for having smaller clothes!


Lola now has 6 teeth 3 on the top and 3 on the bottom. There are a couple more about to pierce the skin but they haven’t quite! We saw the dentist on Monday and he was more than happy with her teeth! We don’t have to go back until she is 2 so most of her teeth will then be through hopefully! She is quite a nightmare when it comes to brushing teeth but she also has a couple of chewy toothbrushes that she is more than happy to chew throughout bath time!

1st Christmas and New Year

I am so happy Lola was this age for her 1st Christmas! She has loved every single second of the Christmas Period! Over the few days at Christmas Lola decided they were the perfect mornings for a lie in! So decided to sleep until gone 9 every morning! Meaning we were all sat wanting to poke her to wake her up!! She really has been the perfect age though. Lola has sat and opened every single present herself. I thought that she was still a bit too young and would need help but she really didn’t! Every single present she has truly loved! After opening presents if I said Lola go and give…. a kiss she would go straight to the person and give them a kiss! It really has been so beautiful seeing her enjoying Christmas so much!

It often goes in our favour that Lola doesn’t have a set routine. On New Years Eve she managed to stay awake until nearly 11! She dozed off for about 50 minutes but then woke up again just before midnight and loved being part of all the celebrations!


A few people have asked recently if we’ve stopped breastfeeding and when I intend to stop!  Our breastfeeding journey is still going strong thankfully! The past month we’ve really noticed that Lola will only really feed first thing in the morning, mid-late afternoon and in the evening (as well as over night!) We have had a few extremely busy and crazy days and if we do and Lola is exceptionally tired the following day then she will feed a lot. When do I intend to stop? I honestly don’t know! We will wait until she self weans. I know that I can leave her slightly longer periods if needed and she will be ok and not want feeding but I still don’t want to leave her for too long! There will be a separate post though about breastfeeding!

After this update i’m not sure if I will be doing monthly updates or whether I may leave it until she is 18 months! Here are a few more photos from this past month!


Naomi xx

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