6 months! Half a Year! Where has that time gone!!!

Lola was 6 months old yesterday and I honestly cannot believe it. She was weighed on Wednesday and she was 19lb 8oz. She is still just over the 91st centile line which is the same as a month ago.

One of our biggest achievements is that Lola is still exclusively breast fed. 15 whole months my body has provided Lola with everything she has needed from the moment I became pregnant to the now. It is extremely exciting that we started Baby Led Weaning yesterday but was also an emotional day for me knowing that Lola will now not be living solely from me.

Even more exciting is that I have received samples from 3 different companies that supply various kinds of food for babies (not the standard “baby food”) Babease which is a fantastic company that who produce pouches of food which are vegetable led recipes. Kiddylicious a company who produce healthier snacks for babies, they can be used as a snack or part of a meal. Finally, The Collective Dairy Company who produce extremely delicious yogurts for adults but they also have a few Suckies Pouches which are different fruit flavours for children. I will be doing reviews of the food and how well Lola gets on with them over the next few weeks

I know I have received a lot of criticism for waiting until 6 months but I really do not care. There are many things that Lola can do that other babies her age are not able to. Just after turning 5 months Lola began to move! It’s a mixture between a crawl and a belly shuffle! It was quite funny Lola’s grandparents were on holiday and we had just been speaking to them on Skype with us saying “oh it won’t be long and she’ll be on the move” as soon as we put the phone down on Skype she proceeds to crawl across the room! She has also managed to pull herself up on things especially her cot! She gets so frustrated but as soon as she is standing you can tell her sense of achievement as she doesn’t stop smiling and becomes very excited!

Lola is in mostly 6-9 month clothes, there are a couple of 3-6 month clothes that fit her. 3-6month leggings are fine around the waist but once they are on they are up to nearly her knees. Lola is still in size 4 nappies (I think she will be for some time!) We are on our final pack of Pampers nappies and will be going back to using Aldi nappies. We are still using the Aldi Mamia Sensitive wipes.

Sleeping is still quite hit and miss but she will usually wake 2 or 3 times a night, she still doesn’t cry only stirs rooting for me. If she has gone to bed quite late in the evening for whatever reason then she will always lie in the following morning which is fantastic for us!!

It’s been an extremely exciting month because Babs’ cousins have been over for Nigeria so it is the first members of Babs’ Mums side of the family that Lola has met. She has loved spending time with them especially at the Science Museum in the hands on section where she was able to play with water. It also meant it was Lola’s first time going on a train and the underground! She was her usual nosey self looking around and watching everybody.

Lola is very vocal! Screaming, Shouting, Babbling it’s all just constant! She’s also started scrunching up her face and doing big gummy smiles! She has learnt feel this month; there have been a number of times where she has fallen back in her cot and it has scared her and her face drops. She also saw my Dad’s dogs that she hadn’t seen for a while and initially she screamed with fear but then would scream at them each time they came too close to her!

We finally went to Kinder Musik at the local Children’s Centre which is a free class every week and Lola enjoyed it, I’m certainly looking forward to taking her back next week! We also found Lola has a love for Tennis and Football – This has partly been forced on her by Babs but she really has been enjoying Wimbledon and Euro 2016 squealing and shouting at the TV constantly!

The highlight of the past week has been watching Lola swimming. We went swimming with my Mum and although we hadn’t been swimming for nearly 3 months I couldn’t believe just how much Lola remembered. As soon as we got into the pool she wouldn’t stop smiling and splashing away. She was able to hold onto the side and hold herself up without any help at all – It was so exciting but rather scary as she looked so small to be able to do it! She was then paddling her hands and kicking her feet so much at the same time. She really did love it! A few days later I insisted on going again but with Babs so he could see her and he really couldn’t believe how well she was doing either! We were in the pool for an hour and 45 minutes and if she could then Lola would have stayed in! This time she was more than happy keep dipping her face in the water which was fantastic showing she doesn’t have a fear of water. Both times we went she loved watching the other children in the pool and squealing with excitement at them!

Any way that’s it for now! The next month will be extremely exciting to see how our weaning journey has progressed!

Naomi xx


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