Each month goes so quickly! We just get used to saying oh Lola is .. months and then she is another month older!

Lola is 5 months old today (15th June!), today I’ve had her weighed and she is now 18lbs exactly.  She has always followed the lines between 75th and 91st centile but today was just over the 91st centile! I initially was getting her weighed every 2 weeks but since she was 3 months I’ve decided to have her weighed monthly. Lola is still exclusively breastfed and we are not going to start weaning her onto food until she is 6 months. She is very content and happy so there is no point introducing anything else for now and we are looking forward to starting Baby Led Weaning at 6 months.


Lola is in a mixture of 3-6 month clothes and 6-9 month clothes. It all depends on where they are from! It really is ridiculous how clothes can vary so much in size especially sometimes in the same shop! We have found that M&S clothes always come up big which is brilliant because it then means she is in them for longer. Next is very much to size which is great she is currently wearing some 6-9 month clothes from Next but she still has so much wear from them. Primark always come up small but they are fab for buying cheap clothes that will only be worn a couple of times! I had bought Lola some 0-3 month clothes when I was pregnant but that was it since she was born I’ve not had to buy any clothes (only had to get some tights!) as she had such a selection of clothes given to us when she was born. We have noticed over the past 2 weeks that Lola has become a lot longer but not quite as chubby!

In the past week Lola has just gone up to size 4 nappies, we are still getting through Pampers nappies that have been presents (again I’ve not had to buy any nappies since she was born!) When we start to run out I will be getting some Aldi nappies as they are fantastic! The wipes we are mainly using are the Mamia Sensitive Wipes. You certainly can’t complain at the price they are and Lola hasn’t had any issues with her skin using them.

In the past month Lola has become so much stronger, she loves to be standing up all the time. She can sit up by herself for a few minutes at a time if she is focused but if there are lots of distractions then it is only for a few seconds. Lola learnt to roll pretty early as well and in the past month she has been rolling with ease and no longer gets distressed about only getting half way! In the past week Lola has been pulling her legs up when she is on her belly and is able to push herself slightly forward. Lola has really found her feet a lot more as well and is constantly holding them, looking at them and trying to put them in her mouth. Nappy changing has become a nightmare as she wriggles so much!! If Lola isn’t getting enough attention she will do a fake cough and look around until she gets some attention!

We went on holiday last week, the day we were due to go Lola woke up with her first cold and was very snotty and a bit chesty. The cold lasted just over a week but she was fantastic during the time of being ill we only needed to give her calpol a couple of times. It certainly helped her having it whilst we were away because at least there was family around to help out.

Lola’s sleeping can be a bit hit and miss over night. She is always so content and she never cries during the night but sometimes she might wake up to feed a couple of times through the night. Other nights she will sleep straight through. I usually follow her signs as when to take her to bed, I feed her to sleep every night sometimes it can take only about 20 minutes before she is completely asleep and stops feeding, other nights  it can be an hour or so. During the day naps can be a bit of a nightmare. Lola will only fall asleep on me if I’m feeding her, she won’t fall asleep on Babs at all but with my Mum she falls asleep within minutes. If we are out and she is in the buggy then she will stay awake for quite a while being nosey but will gradually start to fall asleep. Over the past week there have been a few exceptions! The first day on holiday Lola was loving the washing machine so Auntie Chloe sat on the floor with her and she soon fell asleep! Also on holiday she fell asleep on her Great Grandad as he carried her back to the car whilst we were in Rye, She then also fell asleep when she was with Uncle Rich and she was in the baby carrier!

We have recently purchased a new car seat, the car seat that came with the travel system was fantastic but car journeys had become a bit of a nightmare as she would just scream the whole time. We decided to get the Joie Tilt and we could not recommend it enough! It’s fantastic and she totally loves it. It is a lot higher so she can see out the window a bit and also she can see more in the mirror in the car. We still have the travel system car seat to use in other cars to save keep transferring the car seat, Lola was in it when we took my brother back to Portsmouth yesterday and she slept the whole way there and the whole way back.


I think that is everything for her 5 month update. I know I will think of something else later but oh well!

Naomi xx

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