Today’s post is going to be short and sweet (Well I hope!) After spending last night at hospital all I kept thinking about was how desperate I was to get home. Just to make sure I could take Lola to Brookside Christmas Grotto.

Anybody that lives in Kent will know just how popular the Brookside Garden Centre Christmas Grotto is! Tickets go on sale on 31st August and they sell out instantly. It took us nearly 4 hours to get tickets as near to Christmas and the earliest we could get was today (4th December). Trying to get tickets for here really is the real stress of being a parent!!

It’s Lola’s first Christmas and as she is nearly 1 she has so much awareness of everything. Obviously she doesn’t understand what Christmas is but she is certainly loving all the Christmas lights and Christmas music everywhere we go!

Here are just a few of the photos of our magical afternoon with Father Christmas. I truly recommend if you live in Kent or the surrounding areas to visit Brookside. If you are lucky enough to have a childfree day during the week they allow adults to go through the grotto to see just how magical it is. Obviously you don’t see Father Christmas but it is worth the £1 donation to see the grotto.

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brookside-grotto  picture_20161204_202037877


Naomi xx

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