Well Lola is 11 months next week which means she has been doing Baby Led Weaning for nearly 5 months!

Do we have any regrets?


Babs and I have both said again and again that we don’t regret one second waiting to wean Lola at 6 months. Regardless of the amount of criticism we received for this. By waiting until 6 months it meant that we were able to do baby led weaning and certainly doing the right thing for Lola.

Lola LOVES her food! Until now there has only been one food that she doesn’t like. She has tried hundreds of different flavours so to only find one is amazing. That one food is broccoli!

Lola’s current favourites are sweetcorn, rice, apples and any type of meat. We are obviously very careful with her food making sure that she doesn’t have too much salt and no honey as advised. We also don’t allow her to have chocolates/sweets. Other than that she eats everything. Spice really does not phase her at all! She loves sharing Nigerian food with us and she just eats more and more. The spice really doesn’t bother her at all.

If Lola had struggled with Baby Led Weaning at the beginning we would have stopped immediately. She has never once struggled. She has gagged a number of times but a baby will do it on puree as well. If she ever gags then she spits the food out and then just carries on eating.

She has learnt to do a pincer grip so the tiniest bits of food she can pick up! Sweetcorn/peas and anything that is small she can easily pick up and actually eat pretty fast!

By doing Baby Led Weaning it has meant when we are out and about it is so much easier. If we are out for a meal then she just shares our food. There have even been some occasions when she’s had her only meal and demolished most of it. Lola gets frustrated if we try to feed her as she is more than happy feeding herself.

A couple of weeks ago we went to the BBC Good Food Show so there were a lot of tasters! There were a lot of stalls with spicy food and each time we offered Lola food the stall holder would try to stop us saying it was too spicy! Lola certainly proved them wrong as she just kept wanting more and more!

We have just started introducing forks and plates/bowls. We have used all the different mats and bowls that stick to the high chair but Lola manages to get them off immediately. She can now eat about half of her meal before trying to throw the plate so this is certainly a huge improvement. Lola isn’t interested in preloaded forks and spoons too much yet but she does find it easier having a fork and not a spoon.

Naomi xx

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