Thankfully Babs and I are completely on the same wave length when it comes to most things about parenting! One thing that we are both extremely excited about is starting to wean Lola onto solid foods! Anybody that I spend a lot of time with will know how passionate I am about Baby Led Weaning! My sister is always laughing at me and always quoting what I say as a joke as she knows I am so passionate about it!

We both love the idea of Baby Led Weaning. Baby Led Weaning is when you start weaning at 6 months which is the recommended age by the World Health Organisation/NHS. You give the baby virtually exactly the same as what you eat just in much smaller portions. You do have to be careful with Salt and Sugar content other than that they can eat whatever you eat except for honey.

You place the food in front of the baby and they help themselves to as much or as little as they like. They basically learn to feed themselves

To prepare Lola for weaning we made sure to buy her a high chair early so that she is used to sitting in that and it won’t be a new experience along with weaning. We didn’t go for anything posh as there is such a range of high chairs we chose the Ikea Antilop. It was £13 for the whole high chair, we decided to pay an additional £6 for a cushion insert as well. Lola already loves sitting in it so much, we place toys on the tray and she will be occupied in it for quite long periods of time. We’ve even put water on the tray and given her some of her bath toys and she loved playing with them!

We also bought a Nuby Weaning Bag during the last Aldi baby sale. It was only £4.99 and it came with; 2 snack pots, 2 section plates, 2 bowls, 6 spookns, 2 large beakers with straws and 2 small beakers with spouts. Lola has also been playing with this whilst in her high chair so that she can get used to them as well.


Many people are scared of trying Baby Led Weaning because of choking/gagging as a babies gagging reflex is a lot further forward that an adults. We actually attended a short 15 minute first aid course which only looked at choking whilst we were at a baby show. It was fantastic and much better than sitting in a whole day first aid course when you come away with everything being a bit of a blur.

Choking vs gaggin


If once we start Baby Led Weaning it does not suit Lola and she does not like it then we will move over to traditional weaning however i’m confident that Lola is going to love it! Roll on the 15th July when Lola is exactly 6 months to start! I will be updating our weaning journey with Lola as we go!

Naomi xx



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