So I have mentioned briefly on my Instagram posts but not really on here that Laide has CMPA. We suspected Laide had CMPA when she was about 6 weeks, by 8 weeks I had totally given up dairy to trial and see if it made a difference. Barely a week later we had already seen such a difference!

CMPA signs

*Be warned lots of poo mention!!*

These are purely the signs that we saw with Laide. Each child is different so it is certainly worth researching other CMPA signs.

I suspected she might have some sort of intolerance or allergy because she would only poo once or twice a day and it would be dark green and the smallest amount. Sometimes it would be slightly more but extremely foamy. After doing some research on the NHS website and a few other pages it became apparent that foamy was a key indicator to it being something dairy related. She was also clearly uncomfortable before pooing as well and would cry a lot before hand.

She was sick a fair amount personally I didn’t think it was a huge amount compared to a normal baby but I was starting to notice it was more often on certain days. It was gradually getting more and more. I won’t lie, like most Mums on the days at home I totally binge eat. I was eating bars of chocolate and really noticing a difference in Laide the following day.

My New Diet

As a result of Laide having CMPA it means I’ve had to give up everything with dairy in. It has been so much easier than I thought. However. It has made me realise just how much dairy is in absolutely everything! You really do have to check the label on absolutely everything. Products frequently have recipe changes so even if something has always been safe it is still necessary to check each time! It is also always worth checking different brands! For example the proper Jaffa Cakes are not dairy free, but a lot of the shop brand ones are. Interestingly with most items it is the shop brand versions that don’t have dairy!

Initially for snacks I was living on Oreos, Mrs Crimbles range and Party Rings. I’ve eaten so many recently that I’ve started going off them! Co-op bakery is amazing for Dairy Free products from the Apple puffs to the custard doughnuts!

I do have a cupboard at home that is full of dairy free treats. This is purely to stop temptation, but honestly there has only been once or twice I’ve been slightly tempted! Mainly when cheese is involved as I’m yet to find a decent dairy free cheese.


Due to Laide having reflux she was recently started on Gaviscon. After two days there was blood in her poo, I took her back to the doctors and they told me it was fine it was just a tear probably from her pushing so to put her on Lactulose as well. By Friday there was a lot more blood in her poo in a number of nappies. So I rang 111. I was told that it was an emergency so they would call back within 2 hours. Nearly 6 hours later I finally received a call back. I was basically told there was nothing I could do except go to A&E the following morning and see a paediatric doctor.

The following morning I took Laide. This was absolutely pointless. I was told that it could be IBS or as a result of CMPA. The advice I was given was to give her some squash or some soya milk (normal soya milk not even formula!!!!) Not once has Laide’s feeding ever been an issue. Breastfeeding is going amazing for a child with allergies. She is still following her line between 75th and 91st centile. She is putting on weight constantly going from 8lb 6oz when born up to now at 5 months being 16lb 15oz! If feeding was an issue I would look at alternatives BUT it’s not! I have ended up stopping the Gaviscon until we see the Paediatric Dietitian and already there has been no more blood.

Paediatric Dietitian

I have fought to receive a referral to a Dietitian especially as Laide will be starting weaning on the 6th November when she turns 6 months. Finally last week we were told she had been referred. We received the letter on Saturday to book the Appointment.

Today I have phoned to book it. However there is not a single appointment that can be booked! I was advised that Laide can be put on the waiting list for an appointment but it won’t be any time soon. I am absolutely furious with this. My doctors are absolutely useless with no allergy knowledge. A result of this was us ending up spending the day I  A&E on Saturday. I just hope an appointment suddenly becomes available as soon as possible!

Naomi xx


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