Twice a year a Baby and Toddler Show is held at Sandown Park in Surrey.We went along when I was pregnant but it wasn’t long after I had come out of hospital with gallstones so it was a bit too much for me as it was busy and I really wasn’t well enough to be there! We had a quick wander round then I had a sleep in the car for an hour outside! We went again when Lola was 3 months old and it was fantastic! We loved it (and so did Lola!!)

There are so many different companies there from well known companies such as MAM, Kicks Count, Cosatto and many many more but there are also some companies that aren’t as well known with some fantastic items. Everything you could think possible that you would need for a baby will be there. As an added bonus most the stalls have special show prices so you get discounts and quite often they will give you an exclusive code that you can use within the next few weeks after the show.

There is a massive baby changing and feeding area. They provide nappies and wipes, as well as some chocolates for Mums who are there feeding!! (This made the day for me obviously!!) When you arrive you can also borrow a baby carrier for free for the time at the show. You just have to leave something of value with them! Unfortuantely they deem what is valuable so you can’t leave husbands/children or anything else! So we left our car keys. It made walking around so much easier with Lola in the carrier as it meant we weren’t trying to squeeze the buggy through everywhere. It’s well worth have a walk round with all the freebies you get as well!

There are plenty of talks and displays throughout the show and what we loved the most is that they also put on free first aid sessions. These are quick 10-15 minute sessions just going over the basic CPR of what to do with a baby. We throughly enjoyed it and it is so well worth doing these. We loved it because you have one instructor with up to about 6-8 people. When we went it was really quiet so we had one first aider between just me and Babs!

The show is back at Sandown Park from the 23rd-25th September 2016. If you are interested in tickets then I have an exclusive code that can be used on the website when ordering tickets and it will save you a third of ticket prices. The code is SB52 and you just need to go to the following website. Tickets using the code will cost £8. Any issues with using the code please let me know

We are going on the 23rd September and can’t wait!

Naomi xx



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