#AD We were gifted entry in exchange for review of Paradise Wildlife Park. We were recently invited to spend the day at Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire. We first discovered Paradise Wilfelife Park after visiting one of their partner parks The Big Cat Sanctuary. Paradise Wildlife Park was added to our list to visit and then we visited in 2016 but a lot has changed since then!

Initially, we went to visit to review in May but the day we visited there was torrential rain and thunderstorms so ended up keep getting stranded under cover! Thankfully we were invited back to be able to review it properly in June! Typically we went back another day in rained however thankfully we had a few hours dry!

The Animals

There are over 800 animals at Paradise Wildlife Park. With a farm yard section with Pigs, Sheeps, Goats and small animals like Rabbits and Guinea Pigs to the large cat areas with Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs and Snow Leopards. There really is so many different breeds of animals that everybody is sure to have a favourite. As well as all the larger animals there are also reptiles, penguin, primates and birds.

Paradise Wildlife Park is a perfect size for younger children as well as it isn’t too big and plenty of places to stop and rest for little legs.

Throughout the day there are a number of talks about the animals so it is great to learn that little bit more about them. Each time we’ve been we’ve listened to the Lion and Cheetah talks. We love the Lion talk and learning so much more about them as they are such incredible animals

Lion Pride Lands

On our most recent visit the incredible Lion Pride Lands enclosure had just opened. We were honestly so impressed, the new enclosure is double the size of the previous lion enclosure. The lions have apparently adapted to their new home fantastically and enjoying exploring it. The new enclosure has huge viewing areas including full length windows so there is no need for crowds of public in one area. There are also areas that the Lions can go to hide if they don’t want to be viewed.

World of Dinosaurs

In March 2018 a dinosaur park was opened within Paradise Wildlife Park. You can get up close to the dinosaurs as well as finding out more about them! Lola was in her absolute element as she is completely dinosaur obsessed and even though she is only 3 she can name a lot of the dinosaurs! Even more recently a Dinosaur Nursery also opened when you can stroke baby dinosaurs, delve into dinosaur poo to discover what they eat and put together a dinosaur skeleton puzzle.

Within the dinosaur area there is a picnic area and Dino Dig sand pit full of dinosaur skeletons to uncover. Next to these there is also a gift shop/snack area. There is an optional train ride that rides around the dinosaurs however this is an optional £2 per person (under 2’s are free). The ride only lasts a couple of minutes and I personally don’t think it is worth paying the extra. For us it was an extra £6 because of Laide being under 2 but obviously for larger families it can become a pricey extra.

Play Area

A huge part of Paradise Wildlife Park is the vast Play Areas, there are areas for smaller children, a huge train and fire engine to drive and slide down as well as an indoor soft play area and outdoor splash area! The first visit we made in May we spent a majority of our time in the indoor soft play due to the torrential rain. The second visit we certainly made the most of the outdoor areas.


The cheapest way of getting tickets to Paradise Wildlife Park is to pre book online. Tickets must be purchased by 11pm the previous evening so at least if you decide late you can still pre book and get the savings! It is always worth checking what is going on at Paradise Wildlife Park as they frequently have special events going on!

Naomi xx

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