Lola has been a very lucky young lady! Not even 5 months old and she’s already been on her 2nd holiday! When I was younger we would always go away as a family with my Grandparents and Great Uncle. This continued for many years and we stayed in some beautiful places. Unfortuantely my Great Uncle passed away in February but before he passed away one of his favourite things to talk to us all about was when we all used to go away. Soon after he passed away my Nan kept talking about us going away together again (I think mostly so she could have a week with Lola!) She got a Samsung Tablet last year and since she got that she has become quite dangerous looking things up and we always worry she’s going to suddenly click on something and buy it!! She had been scrolling through holiday places and looking for suitable places for us all to stay. She soon came across a beautiful place in Greatstone. Although Greatstone is in the same county as we live it would still be nice to just be away somewhere different!

June 3rd we all travelled down to Greatstone – It started with a scare as my car nearly broke down but I was determined just to get there and there we would worry about it when we were there. We were all so excited about going but we never expected just how beautiful the place we were staying would be! We all arrived at the same time so it meant we could explore the house together! I’ve included some photos of where we stayed because it really was just so beautiful. It had everything we could possibly need whilst away and there was not once during the holiday we thought ‘oh we wish they had…..’

When we used to go on holiday there would always be so much excitement about our adventures for that day. It could be castles, museums, towns and even garden centres! But we would always do something exciting every day whilst being away. This holiday was completely different, there was everything we could possibly want where we stayed and as the back garden gate opened onto the beach we spent so much time on the beach and in the sea! We were extremely lucky as the weather was so beautiful the whole time whilst we were away! We went into Rye on our third day but we were all so eager to get back and be able to spend time in the garden relaxing and then on our last full day we went to Hythe, yet again though we were all so eager to be back on the beach and the garden.


It just goes to show you do not need to go abroad to have a lovely holiday because we had such a fantastic time having a Staycation! It was also an extra special holiday as we remembered about all the fun we had whilst on our family holidays with our Great Uncle as well. The most ironic thing is that the house we stayed in would have been the perfect place for him to stay out of all the places that we had been to.

Naomi xx




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