We spend a lot of time at Bluewater spending very little or no money at all! My girls absolutely love it! I’ve been asked so many times how do we spend a day there without getting bored and this is how! Our day does also takes a bit longer because of the girls being 3 and 1 so frequent toilet/nappy change stops. In all honesty we are the people that they must hate increasing foot fall but spending not very much! Equally I know that if we are on a mission to get a lot of shopping then I know there are ways to distract the girls and make shopping that little bit easier!

The Trails

At Bluewater they often have different statue trails throughout the shopping centre. We’ve loved taking part seeing different wild animals, dinosaurs and superheroes! It’s free to walk around and see each of the statues as well as take photos. If you want to spend a little bit of money then it is usually about £2 per person to officially take part in the trail. You get given a leaflet to fill in questions about each statue then at the end when you give it in you get given a prize. The prizes so far have all been decent prizes and well worth the money to take part! For the most recent superhero trail it was a plush toy keyring and pencil with rubber topper. Each of the prizes you can choose which character you get so we’ve done it a couple of times so that Lola has different characters each time!

Nature Trail and outdoor Play Areas

So many people are unaware that if you go out of the exit near Zizzis (In the Village) then you can follow a nature trail! It takes about 10 minutes to walk along to the lake to follow the rest of the trail. If we don’t have much time we often just walk to the lake rather than around it. I totally recommend taking your own duck feed but if you forget you can buy it for 20p. Recently a Very Hungry Caterpillar trail has been installed to follow along the nature trail. We are yet to do it but I know the girls will love it. There are actually a number of outdoor play areas at Bluewater. One being at the lake, another outside the main Food Court Area in The Winter Garden and the final one just outside Zizzis

Lego Shop

The Lego Shop must hate us as we easily spent 30 minutes or more in there without buying anything! There is a Duplo area for the younger children to play and build models, a couple of normal lego areas for older children and adults to make models as well as an interactive police man and board that scans your hand to tell you the Lego Character you are most like. Often they have special events when

Disney Shop

I’ve always been desperate to go to Disneyland Paris and it is certainly somewhere high on our list to take the girls. At the Disney Shop you go along and see the Disneyland Parades on their big screen live as they happen in Paris!


Waterstones often have free activities and story times. We did go to one of the events that ended up not being very good but I think that was because of the day we chose. However, they often have story times, characters and authors in store. It is always worth checking out the Bluewater to find out who will be there and when!

The Police Safer Home Shop

In Bluewater there is also the Police safety shop. It is to raise awareness of ways to make your home safety as well as being a vital point of call for the local community. It is always worth popping in for a visit as children can sit on the police motorbike, dress up in police uniform and there is always colouring for them to take part in with. Sometimes they even hand out reflective stickers

Bluewater Shopping Centre

To find out more about Bluewater the visit their page. Equally it’s always worth looking at the What’s On Page. There are also many activities to pay for at Bluewater including a visit to Dinotropolis! Since writing that post they have had many offers for entry so we will certainly be returning!

Naomi xx

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