Anybody that knows us well, will know just how much we love going to a zoo! Lola first visited a zoo when she was only 6 weeks old and since then we haven’t stopped going! Lola loves animals so it’s always important to find places where we can visit and she can interact as much as possible. Drusillas¬†certainly is a place that meets this exact criteria as well as so much more!

Drusillas is down on the outskirts of Eastbourne, Sussex so from us it is only about an hour away. I’ve been to Drusillas a couple of times before when I was younger, and then helped on a school trip a few years ago. Places of interest change so much once you have a child, seeing Lola’s face throughout the entire visit certainly showed just how much she loves it!

It was just our luck that the day we decided to visit Drusillas was the day it rained hard! We had gone from having a heat wave to having rain all day! It meant that we weren’t able to go in the play area or splash area but it certainly didn’t ruin our day!

The Animals

At Drusillas there are hundreds of various types of animals from mammals to reptiles. We love that the children can pick up a free animal spotter guide, in the guide there is a photo of some of the animals and the children have to go round and stamp once they’ve seen each animals! Lola is a little bit young to be doing this so the novelty wore off quickly with her but she still enjoyed the first couple of stamps!

As well as the animals spotter guide you can also take part in the Zoo Olympics. There are lots of activities dotted around the zoo that you can take part in. Some of the activities included how far you could jump, how long you could hang on bars for and also which animal are you the same weight as!

The Rides

Included in the price of the ticket is the chance to go on lots of rides! In the Go Safari! area there is a Cheetah ride and a Hippopotobus! We went on both rides with Lola and Babs absolutely hated them! Lola could not stop smiling and laughing! Babs would not open his eyes on the Hippopotobus! It was hilarious! Lola found it so funny as well!

In the Go Safari! There is also the opporutunity to go on the Safari train around the park. There are a number of fact boards as you go around as well as seeing the camels and being able to wave to everybody passing by!

Our Day

How to book tickets?

It’s quick and easy to book tickets to Drusillas just by following this link. Ticket prices are cheaper to order in advance and buy online. It’s also much quicker once you arrive as you just have to show your ticket and go through!

We certainly can’t wait to go back to Drusillas! Hopefully the next time we visit we choose a day where we can make the most of the play area and splash area!

Naomi xx

*We were given a family ticket to Drusillas in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own*

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