On Monday we were invited along to Boo at the Zoo, a Halloween event being held at London Zoo! Lola was so excited before we went and even the day before kept telling everybody we were going to the zoo and what animals she wanted to see! The last thing she said to me before going to sleep was “Zooooooo Piiiiiiders!” Then as soon as she woke up instantly she kept telling us we were going to the zoo!

Boo At The Zoo

Boo At the Zoo is on until 31st October (2017) to celebrate Halloween. There are so many activities that you can take part in! Either just the children or as a family! Some of the activities include Face Painting, Crafts and Pumpkin Carving (some activities incur additional costs) Some of the shows have been changed for spooky going ons, as well as some of the enclosures including spooky visitors!

The Zoo

I’ve visited London Zoo a couple of times but have only previously taken Lola once. This was the first time that we visited a zoo where she really understood each animal and knew what animals to expect. The main animals she wanted to see were the Tigers, Snakes and Spiders! Of course those are the main reasons you go to a zoo! We love the lay out of London Zoo as it’s very hard to miss any areas. Each area is in sections which then leads to the next section. We were utterly exhausted so we didn’t quite get to visit the entire zoo but we certainly had such a great time!


We were invited along by AttractionTix who sell discounted tickets to many attractions worldwide. I know in future before purchasing tickets to any attraction we will be certainly looking on their website! If you are deciding to visit London Zoo before February then make sure to book your tickets through Attraction Tix. Using the code BLOGGER10 it will give you an additional 10% off tickets! This is only valid until 31st October (2017) and is valid for any London Zoo tickets which are currently on the website (Up to February)

Naomi xx

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