I’ve gone off topic again today as I thought I would share some photos from our Pumpkin Picking Trip! We decided very last minute to go as we’ve certainly had a weekend of absolutely beautiful weather.

Pumpkin Moon

We went along to the same place that we went to last year – Pumpkin Moon. It’s fantastic, as well as pumpkin picking there is also chargeable activities face painting, pumpkin painting as well as story telling. There’s hot food snacks, an ice cream van, hot drinks van AND a prosecco van!!! What could beat that!?

I was so excited to get photos of the girls but neither have been very well so were pretty grumpy! I thought that we might end up with a few nice photos of Lola but didn’t hold out much hope with Laide as she was pretty grumpy. Within a few minutes Lola was already saying no more photos! But was super excited to sudddenly have some with her little sister!

Naomi xx


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