Unluckily for Babs his first Father’s Day also fell on the same day as his first Birthday as a Daddy! He was still spoilt none the less! As it is Ramadan at the moment I had already said to Babs we would go out for a meal after Ramadan but we still made the most of the beautiful weather and went out for the day to Dover Castle.


To surprise Babs I had got a vest for Lola with Daddy’s Little Princess on and a t-shirt that said Daddy’s girl. It was far too hot for her to be wearing a vest so she wore the vest whilst we were still at home and then when I got her dressed she wore the top. Lola is so much like her Daddy in everyway and she is such a Daddy’s girl. Babs doesn’t know what his birthday present is yet but we are treating him to a day out on the 21st July! Very exciting and he will love the day!

We had such a wonderful day at Dover Castle. Babs was amazed at how much there is there and we didn’t even see half of it! Lola loved being nosey just looking at everything and blowing raspberries at everybody. It was funny the amount of people that blew raspberries back at her and they were generally older people! I always find it funny just how scared of heights Babs is but he finally found something that I was scared of and I won’t be living it down!


The day was then obviously finished with a birthday cake which by that time Babs was able to eat again!


Days like this just show how lucky I am having such a beautiful family.

Naomi xx

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