I love a good bargain as much as any other person! Having been on maternity leave and now not working it is more important than ever to try and save money where ever possible.

These are just some of the App’s that I use to save money or to get some free shopping.

Top Cashback

I use Top Cashback the most. Whenever I order something online I always make sure and check if the shop is on the Top Cashback site. If you sign up through this they are currently doing a free £5 for joining. It is well worth looking through when renewing Insurance of any kind. By going through the site they pay a fixed sum even if doing it through Direct Debit! The best thing about Top Cashback is that as soon as the money has been confirmed and cleared then you can transfer the money straight to your bank account.

Receipt Hog

I have only recently started using Receipt Hog. All you have to do is upload copies of your receipts! Some shops they will give you ‘spins’ for their Hog Slots where you can win more coins. Other shops you get coins. Coins can then become either Amazon vouchers or paid out through PayPal. Once you have 1000 coins you can get £3 Amazon or once you have 1500 you can have £5 transferred through PayPal. If you join Receipt Hog and enter the following referral code then you get 5 free spins of the Hog Slot. Make sure and use zat81348 as the referral code.

Shopprize UK

With Shopprize you again just upload photos of your receipts! That’s all you have to do! It can be from any shop! When it is uploaded you are awarded coins. You can use coins to enter daily sweepstakes or you can save your coins. Once you have 7500 coins you can exchange it for a £5 Amazon Voucher or Google Play voucher. Using the code 6c9pc as a referral code will gain you some free coins! Shopprize is currently only available on Android.


Shoppimum works differently to the other Apps. The App has different products on with various cashback amounts. Before going shopping I check the App and see if there are any products either free or that I know I will buy. You have to buy these products but once you have finished shopping you upload your receipt. It can take up to a couple of days to verify and then the money is paid back straight into your bank account. The only downside I find to this App is that they pay each item separately. You can’t keep it in your Shoppimum account and then do a big pay out. If you download the App and use the referral code AEAFACKT

There are a number of other Apps that I use but these are main ones! If you want to contact me about the other App’s then please do!

Naomi xx

*This post contains affiliate links. By using my referral codes means that I will be rewarded for you using the referral codes. I have not been sponsored in anyway other than that with this post. It is the same as if anybody else was to refer a friend. I have purely shared it to help others save money! I have not put what I receive from each referral as it changes all the time. If you would like to know before signing up please contact me and I will tell you! Also if you need links to the Apps then let me know.

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