Every year the competition is on who can play the first Christmas Song! Usually it is Scott Mills on Radio 1 who has a slight obsession with Mariah Carey!

Christmas would not be the same without the same cheesy Christmas songs being played! So here are my top Christmas songs in no certain order!

Mariah Carey

Well I might as well start with Mariah as I have already mentioned her! How many people drive along singing “All I want for Christmas is yoooooooou” at the top of their voices! I’m certainly guilty of this. Although this song was already a huge hit nothing can beat when it is sang in Love Actually.

Band Aid

Band Aid Do They Know it’s Christmas has been released a number of times to raise money for charity. I love the original version however each version since has been equally as fantastic and raised huge amounts of money. In this version I do love the rapping part!

The Pogues

This has Christmas written all over it! It is however frequently played throughout the year! Everybody I know sings at the top of their voices “You Scumbag, You Maggot, You cheap lousy faggot” I remember growing up and never being allowed to swear. This part of the song through we would sing at the top of our voices!

Charlotte Church

This song isn’t as well known and it is on a lot of classical CDs. It reminds me so much of Christmas. Obviously I can sing each and every high note! (I don’t think anybody else agrees!) I honestly don’t know why it reminds me so much of Christmas! It is on a number of Christmas CDs!


How many other people yell “It’s Chriiiiiissstmaaaas” at the top of their voices on Christmas morning! It can’t just be me! Christmas morning it is always the first song to be played! This just sums up Christmas!

Shakin’ Stevens

I love Shakin’ Stevens! Sad I know! This is another Christmas song that is played constantly year in year out. We always used to sign (British Sign Language) along to it so now it’s hard to listen to without signing to it!

There really are so many Christmas songs that I could keep going through! Lola has being loving all the different Christmas music whilst she bobs up and down clapping along! What’s your favourite Christmas song?

Naomi xx

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