Towards the end of my pregnancy with Lola I had to go to hospital twice to be monitored for her movements. Prior to both hospital visits I had been extremely busy and had a lot going on. This meant that I was not monitoring Lola’s movements and when I sat and thought about it I could not remember the last times that she had moved.

Thankfully everything was ok with Lola. Each time Lola once being hooked up on the monitors she started moving around and kicking again. This however is not the case for everybody. Tommy’s have started a new campaign to encourage women (and their partners) to make sure they are aware and keeping a track of foetal movements during pregnancy.

Following a recent survey Tommy’s have found that 52% of women feel that they are wasting midwife’s time if they contact them. I certainly felt that and it was only because I spoke to my community midwife that she told me that they would rather see a worried parent constantly than have them sitting at home worrying and the worst happening.

A campaign was run in Norway encouraging knowing your babies movements and since it was launced stillbirth rates have gone down a third.

The aim of Tommy’s campaign is;

  • To raise awareness about the importance of self monitoring.
  • To encourage pregnant women that they are not “wasting midwife’s time”
  • To encourage women to trust their instincts.

Please watch this short video by Tommy’s and share!

If you need any advice at all please make sure and contact Tommy’s and if in any doubt contact your midwife.

Naomi xx

This Post is written in partnership with Tommy’s. I have received no payment in connection with this post it is to raise awareness.

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