*This is a collaborative post* Every parent dreams of being able to provide for their family and steer clear of financial pressures and woes. It’s not easy to save when you have bills to pay and children to raise but there are ways to grow your money. Here are some steps to consider now to build a brighter financial future. 

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Budgeting and saving

The first step to take when embarking upon a mission to save money and increase your account balances is to stick to a budget. Budgeting is an easy, quick, effective means of regulating spending and balancing the books. You can use your budget to determine how much you can afford to spend, save or invest and you can also analyse spending to see if it’s possible to reduce expenses and outgoings. Go through your statements and highlight transactions you could eliminate in your next budget, for example, memberships or subscriptions you don’t use. Set limits for food shopping, going out, clothes and days out and socialising and try to save more if you are trying to build a fund for the future. 


Investing is a means of increasing your income in the short or long term. There are several ways you can grow your money through investing from buying shares and trading currency through sites like Swyftx Crypto Exchange to backing businesses or buying a house to flip or let. The type of investment you choose may depend on multiple factors, including how much you want to invest and when you want to see returns. Some types of investment carry greater risks than others but no investment is risk-free. If you are considering starting to trade, buying cryptocurrency or purchasing a holiday home, always make sure you conduct extensive research first and don’t be afraid to seek expert advice. Timing is one of the most important factors to consider when investing money. If you’re buying a home and you want to sell, for example, it’s wise to buy when prices are low and to sell when the market is thriving. 

Insurance and emergency funds

Nobody knows what the future holds. Even if you are in a good place with your finances now, there is no guarantee that your circumstances won’t change. Setting up an emergency fund and investing in insurance can help you lower risks and protect your family if life throws you a curveball. Try to save regularly and make sure you have insurance for your home, pets and your belongings, as well as life insurance and critical illness cover. If you have a savings account and you have insurance policies in place, this will help you bridge gaps and ease pressure if you lose your job, your income drops or you need to cover unexpected bills for home repairs or treatment for a treasured family pet, for example. 

It’s tempting to live in the moment but when it comes to your family’s finances, it’s wise to think about the future too. If you’re keen to start laying the foundations for a brighter financial future, take these steps today.

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