The meaning of Christmas is different to every single person. I thought I would ask some other bloggers what Christmas means to them. It would also be interesting find out what Christmas means to everybody else!

Meaning of Christmas = Traditions

For Becka from Love Becka the meaning of Christmas is all about the traditions and being with family. Every year Becka’s family go to Church to read and remember the true meaning of Christmas. Also bringing all the family together at Christmas and looking forward to starting the New Year afresh.

Naomi from Me Becoming Mum was raised in a Christian household so Christmas has always been about celebrating the birth of Jesus. Naomi now raises her family to continue to celebrate this. I love the phrase that Naomi uses “Jesus is the reason for the Season” and I think that this should certainly be used more often. As clearly pointed out though Christmas is about sharing and giving. Also about Love, Peace and Joy. Regardless of your beliefs both of these statements are try and should be part of the celebration of Christmas. I totally agree with Naomi (It’s not just because of the same name!) that it is so lovely going to all the different church services and singing all the carols especially being surrounded by the people you love.

Meaning of Christmas = Family Time

Beth from Bamm Boo talk a lot about the meaning of Christmas with their 8 year old. To Beth’s family the meaning of Christmas is celebrating the love, family and togetherness. This is exactly the same as Emma from Even Angels Fall. To Emma’s family the meaning of Christmas is all about family but also being a time to chill out and appreciate the time together.

Making a reverse advent calendar is becoming increasingly popular. Jennifer from My Mummy’s Pennies is making a reverse advent calendar this year where you start with an empty box and you put something in each day. This box is then donated to people that need it. Jennifer’s family meaning of Christmas is giving to others and being able to make the most of family time and enjoying each others company.

Cosy days with family and enjoying the time with those that you don’t get to spend time with is the meaning of Christmas for Sarah from The Hermiman House Also Christmas is the time when all the silly games come out to play! I know this certainly happens with us as well!

I love that Kati’s family always go to see a big Panto around Christmas time! Kati from How to Rock at Parenting make sure to keep Christmas presents small and simple as the main focus is about spending time together.

I love that everybody is so looking forward to spending time with family over Christmas. For me the meaning of Christmas is exactly what Naomi has said and that is how we will be bringing up Lola. We certainly can’t wait for Christmas! Especially being Lola’s first!

What is your meaning of Christmas?

Naomi xx


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