When my phone is due an upgrade I struggle so much going through all the different options of what is the best contract. There is offer after offer and you just don’t know what is the best option! To be honest it really is super stressful! Back in August 2017 new SIM Only Network was launched to help solve so of those problems!


Smarty was launched in August 2017 and is the first ever SIM Only Network. They were launched to help keep mobile bills super affordable as well as being fully understandable.

There are three plans that you can join; Small, Medium and Large. Currently (October 2018) the prices are Small £7.50, Medium £10 and Large £15! How can you complain with those affordable prices!? All of them come with unlimited calls and texts the only differences are the amount of data available. Best of all if you don’t use all your data then you get money back!

Since January this year Smarty have managed to save their customers nearly £300,000 and this number is still rising. This is down to the customers being able to receive money back for unused data. Not often do companies give you back the money for something unused!

Powered By Three

Smarty is powered by the Network Three! So although they are a fairly new Network you don’t need to worry about lack of reception! Three covers 97% of the UK population so perfect and super reliable for downloading, streaming and catching up on all social media!

Where to find them?

As there are only the three simple plans they have an easy and understandable website to look at! The Smarty website is the place to go and look through the deals. I know for my next contract I will certainly be going through Smarty!

Naomi xx

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